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make a more or less disguised reference to

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The scenes in the video are beautifully played in reverse, alluding to Adekunle Gold's self-reflection.
The Extra Factor host Konnie Huq may have accidentally ruined an ITV 'I'm A Celebrity' surprise after alluding to Jedward being 'in the jungle.
Try looking at their site to see what I am alluding to: www.
Alluding to the spirit of Paris, the project also encompasses two other outdoor public areas and a marketplace area for local food merchants.
Ending with a statement alluding to the secrets of the third moon of the Three Kings, Chalker whets the appetite for the third book in the trilogy, Kaspar's Box.
He may also be alluding to the exchange of roles between opponents and respondents.
Through the collection's title and unifying concept, a provocative gesture alluding to Yusef Komunyakaa's idea of "muscular lyricism" Hayes speaks to the breadth of his influences.
Kaufman's repetition of the phrase Round about Midnight points to the possibility that he is alluding to this early form.
As academics, we have a puzzle to solve here in understanding the role of advertising and marketing on the important financial decisions made by investors," said Chris James of the University of Florida, alluding to the intangible benefits.
It's going to be a rough couple of years,'' Moonves said, alluding to the transition he will lead.
Perhaps unintentionally alluding to the gender gap in traditional Turkish society, Genoa--Galata presented women in their own separate space: A video recording showed the artist's daughter and a friend preparing pasta while speaking in Italian about their daily lives in Istanbul.
Meryl Streep, alluding to President Bush's State of the Union address while accepting a Golden Globe award for her work in UBO'a Angels in America, January 25
As the EU nears the end of its work on its first constitution, Pope John Paul II stepped up lobbying efforts to include a reference alluding to the continent's Christian roots.
Gall, alluding to the treatment of the company in one of France's most prominent newspapers:
Intriguing, too, is the suggestion that Aretino's head in the Pitti portrait is deliberately made to approximate that of an antique satyr statue, as a way both of punning on his profession as a satirist and of alluding to the ambiguities within his complex personality.