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The three adopt unusual, sometimes awkward geometries, to package their overall volumes, none of which is directly iconic of a single meaning but all of which allude to nature.
Hodges's excision of leaf shapes from a photograph of a tree to reveal the white paper underneath in In this place where we meet, 2004, seems to allude to contemporary photography, and the site-specific Into out of red evokes Sol LeWitt.
The east and west facades are clad in white marble and matching precast concrete with large-scale windows and an attic colonnade that allude to the neoclassical and Beaux Arts tradition of monumental Washington.
Some proverbs depend on "allusio" (a veiled reference): they allude to a line or passage from a well-known author.
The Graces, an ancient symbol of liberality (Aglaia who gives, Euphrosyne who receives, Thalia who returns), in the most properly platonic sense, allude to the relationship between the divine element and the human.
Their jokes allude to extraordinary experiments that use liquids to perform simple quantum calculations (SN: 9/12/98, p.
Passing references to the Haitian Revolution, and to the Prosser and Turner rebellions allude to the profound impact those events had on white southern minds, but BoBBer leaves unexplored the ways in which these events shaped the hopes and dreams of the free Norfolkians.
Many of Wall's photos allude to well-known paintings, not as showy in-jokes but as touchstones of tradition.
Materials and colours allude to the earth: copper red, terracotta and natural slate are set against more lightweight stainless steel and glass.
These are usually mixed with snippets of found text or references to figures of cultural authority, either scrawled onto surfaces, collaged, or laboriously constructed as sculptures that allude to the likes of Spengler, Nietzsche, Kant, Pasolini, and Mondrian.
Numerous documents allude to the kind of activities that united Bronzino to this learned cultural community.