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Synonyms for alloyed

mixed with other substances

Words related to alloyed

(used of metals) debased by mixture with an inferior element

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(used of metals) blended to obtain a desired property

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Solidification Mode and Feeding Behavior of Phosphorus Alloyed Gray Cast Iron (03-164)
Scandium is the 21st element in the Periodic Table of Elements and when alloyed with aluminum has a much higher , strength-to-weight ratio than titanium.
The Special Metals businesses that will continue to report to CEO Donald Muzyka are product lines including: welding, wire, powder superalloy, mechanically alloyed powder, dental and shape memory.
has quietly developed an unusual palette of alloyed PP copolymers and homopolymers made by the "Catalloy" process at plants in the U.
Most commonly, Mg is alloyed with ferrosilicon or nickel to reduce the violence and improve recovery.