alloy iron

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cast iron containing alloying elements (usually nickel or chromium or copper or molybdenum) to increase the strength or facilitate heat treatment

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In addition to its CGI line, Mid-City produces gray, ductile and alloy iron castings for the compressor, gear and transmission, and specialty machinery industries.
Carbon, low alloy and stainless steel represent 60% of production, with gray, ductile and high alloy iron making up the balance.
Metals Cast: Manganese, high strength martensitic, chromium molybdenum, heat resistant stainless and carbon steels and chromium alloy iron.
"The long range plans are to melt every day on two shifts using our induction furnaces for ductile, gray and alloy irons, and three heats/wk using the cupola for gray iron.
Currently, its proprietary alloys include standard and premium manganese steels, high strength martensitic steels, chromium molybdenum steels, high chromium alloy irons, heat resistant stainless steels and carbon steels.
The foundry produces castings in gray and alloy irons, and a wide range of carbon, low-alloy, stainless and heat-resistant steels weighing up to 10 tons.