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Synonyms for allowably

in a permissible manner


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How the plant could be allowably grown and dispensed is covered in legalese sufficient to bring plenty of headaches to police, landlords and others.
At the same time, allow me to place you here an excuse I am conscious of owing you, for having, perhaps, too much affected the figurative style; though surely, it can pass no where more allowably than in a subject which is so properly the province of poetry, nay!
valent egalement dans le contexte du droit quebecois" (Even so, Major J.'s comments hold equally to Quebec law.) (80) The patient, C.C., allowably does not recognize that she has an illness.
While it may be useful to refer to the acts and influence of both men as "revolutionary" in a very general sense, it is more useful still to insist that the word means something different as allowably applied to each.
The tall, blonde, voluptuous B sisters admire Miss C's "lively dark eye, clear brown complexion, and general prettiness" (44) so readily because they find it inferior to their own beauty: "Had she been tall, full formed, and fair, it might have more of a trial; but as it was, there could be no comparison, and she was most allowably a sweet pretty girl, while they were the finest young women in the country" (44).
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