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The ERC has mandated a staggered decrease in the maximum allowable pass-on charge, from 12 percent of total system losses in 2018 to 8.
We tested the associations of age, race, femoral neck bone mineral density (BMD), prior clinical fracture, and depression with standardized costs, allowable charges, and billed charges, hypothesizing that each of these would be associated with health care costs and utilization on account of their association with comorbidity burden and health status.
The $16,500 difference ($91,029-$74,529) in income tax is the tax-equivalent amount on the $50,000 of passive income and is the allowable credit.
Spend PS500,000 before September 30 so that it would be 100 per cent allowable and then spend the other PS125,000 between October 1 and December 31, 2015, so that this would also be 100 per cent allowable (i.
The IRS and the Treasury Department developed the optional safe harbor method to reduce the complexity and burden of the calculations, allocations, and substantiation requirements of the allowable home office deduction for small business owners.
In July 2012 the TTB announced that it had updated this list of allowable changes.
Examples of those that would not be allowable include those relating to capital items, such as accounting depreciation (replaced by capital allowances instead), and profit or loss on the disposal of non-current assets, though expenditure on repairs would be allowable.
Any other expenses directly relating to the letting of the property will be allowable, such as gardening.
When the maximum allowable total error (TEa) is known (e.
The Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry has set allowable radioactive contamination levels for grass and asked 16 prefectures to check grass in areas where higher-than-normal levels of atmospheric radiation have been detected, they said.
Thus, allowable and reasonable compensation should be set in advance by management to allow adjustments at the beginning of the year, or alternatively, informed decisions to accept some part of compensation as unallowable.
Deduct from the total income any expenditure that can be proved to be necessarily - and actually - incurred to undertake their duties as an MP as an allowable expense in accordance with HMRC regulations.
THE CONFEDERATION of the Food and Drink Industries of the EU (CIAA) fears a vote by the European Parliament on reforming the European Union's IPPC directive (integrated prevention and control) could lead to "a rigid implementation of the BAT (best available techniques) reference documents" rules governing allowable pollution controls.
Evaluation and Management (E/M) visits--The maximum allowable reimbursement for all E/M CPT codes has been increased to 90% of the average Medicare payment rate.
WASHINGTON -- The EPA is proposing a major reduction in allowable airborne lead.