allow for

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make a possibility or provide opportunity for

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Under the changes, 37 centrally located blocks in the neighborhood were rezoned to allow for denser development, particularly at sites close to subway stops.
Black captives, for instance, had to secure permission from their "owners" before accepting gifts; for they "were allowed to own nothing by law, not even themselves." In church wedding ceremonies, the vows for captives were altered to allow for the fact that their first responsibility was not to one another, but to their "masters." On the same note, the bride and groom were reminded that they might be separated at any time, in the event that they were sold to new "owners."
The variable speed drive of the pendulum basket and the close proximity of the laydown surface allow for a variety of skid sizes to be used with equal laydown accuracy.
The IRS is expected to provide guidance for employers on how to allow for retroactive plan amendments and how to allow employees who are 70 1/2 and are receiving distributions to stop receiving them.
"They allow for quick changeover and eliminate seal problems because the ink flows through the blade and through a small ink collector," explains president Chuck Rae.
Employers can choose when employees are fully vested; however, some companies don't allow for full vesting until after 10 years of service.
Programs which utilize independent contractors may allow for emergency hiring of contract agency providers or maintain lists of available attendants.
As envisioned, California's practice privilege statute would allow for ease of movement across state lines and increase consumer protection by allowing the CBA to know which out-of-state CPAs were providing services to California clients.
Microsoft Windows and Linux have intrinsic volume management and RAID support that allow for sophisticated storage configurations.
Its previous Web infrastructure didn't allow for the service and feature upgrades that were planned, so the company decided to migrate its entire platform to .NET technology.
Designating the spouse as the beneficiary may allow for a longer deferral of distributions and resulting taxes; however, the account owner's interest in controlling the disposition of the account may outweigh the potential tax deferral.