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Synonyms for allotropic

of or related to or exhibiting allotropism


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Using these two diagrams, saturation pH values were predicted regarding both allotropic forms.
His model of allotropic Frame is particularly striking.
NPL has been studying the allotropic phase transformation in tin and its alloys, commonly known as tin pest, to measure the implications of adopting Pb-free solder manufacturing practices.
24) The allotropic nature of cobalt can cause either the face centered cubic (fee) or hexagonal close packed (hcp) crystal structures, or both, to be present in Tribaloy alloys, depending on the thermal treatment.
Lawrence's allotropic self, late modernist rejections of the stable ego, and our current identity politics, which walk through a similar tension.
in all investigated powders allotropic transformation [alpha]-[Al.
The oxides are actually groups of more than 40 [2] ill-defined compounds, phases, allotropic forms and solid solutions around [U.
Moreover, allotropic forms such as strano/estraneo and strange/extraneous are easily connected with other related terms like stravagante, extravagant, extravagante, etc.