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of or related to or exhibiting allotropism


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Integrin, which is an allotropic cell adhesion molecule, mediates the interaction between cells and ECM, thereby facilitating tumor metastasis.
Using these two diagrams, saturation pH values were predicted regarding both allotropic forms.
Elemental Se has been known to exist in various allotropic forms, as red amorphous form, black vitreous form, three ([alpha], [beta], [gamma]) of red crystalline monoclinic forms and grey/black crystalline hexagonal (also referred to as trigonal) form which is also the most stable form, and some more allotropes are discovered recently (8), (9).
This allotropic behavior, which depends on the type and amount of alloy contents, allows complex variations in microstructure and more diverse strengthening opportunities than those of other nonferrous alloys such as copper or aluminum.
With that, after every 15-20 years, eventual damage of their cells must additionally be treated with transgenic microbial hydrolases, periodic stem-cell reseeding, by an allotropic expression of 13 proteins, and so on.
There's a trick where you squeeze a lump of coal into its allotropic diamond form," Niven wrote.
The latter should not be attributed to a new allotropic form but rather to a perfectioning of the already existing crystal form.
His model of allotropic Frame is particularly striking.
NPL has been studying the allotropic phase transformation in tin and its alloys, commonly known as tin pest, to measure the implications of adopting Pb-free solder manufacturing practices.
24) The allotropic nature of cobalt can cause either the face centered cubic (fee) or hexagonal close packed (hcp) crystal structures, or both, to be present in Tribaloy alloys, depending on the thermal treatment.
Lawrence's allotropic self, late modernist rejections of the stable ego, and our current identity politics, which walk through a similar tension.
in all investigated powders allotropic transformation [alpha]-[Al.
The oxides are actually groups of more than 40 [2] ill-defined compounds, phases, allotropic forms and solid solutions around [U.
the presence of multiform, allotropic phenomena, which stubbornly elide assignment and sap the familiar classificatory grids.
Celan's view of poetry as allotropic, as pointing in the direction of and moving out toward the Other, had definite appeal for du Bouchet.