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a structurally different form of an element

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Alan Yarborough, Chief Executive Officer of Allotrope, stated that "Both through my direct military service as well as my support roles in counter-terrorism, force transformation, counter-IED, etc.
The deployment of the first Proof of Concept is a significant milestone on our development roadmap," said Wolfgang Colsman, CTO of Osthus GmbH and lead architect of the Allotrope Framework.
In 1993, Piggott won a 1m6f maiden on the Aga Khan's Caliandak, and five years later Dettori treated racegoers to one of his flying dismounts, firing his goggles into the crowd and shouting "we've given you what you wanted" after winning the same maiden on Allotrope in the colours of Sheikh Mohammed.
The carbon is then subject to extremely high pressure and heat -1,700C, a process which compresses it into graphite, a carbon allotrope or a structurally different form of carbon.
This famous passage is not lost on Miller, especially given their shared interest in the censored "soot:" This passage's topic shows where Miller's extension and development from his predecessors is most apparent: "the old stable ego:" As with Lawrence, the stable ego is banished by Miller, and while we may allow for a constant libidinal current, its expression is an allotrope, and hence the allotropic self is subject to radical reorientation.
Diamond is just an allotrope of a common chemical agent, but ever since Emperor Maximilian gave Mary of Burgundy a diamond betrothal ring in 1477, nothing has glittered like the king of gems.
60], a novel allotrope of carbon consisting of 60 carbon atoms joined to form a cagelike structure (Kroto et al.
Since that time there has been a tremendous amount of effort poured into the spherical allotrope of carbon.
Tokyo, Japan, Dec 27, 2005 - (JCN) - Toray announced on December 26 that it has developed an innovative technology to improve the durability of photocatalytic coating agents using fullerene, an allotrope of carbon, in collaboration with Riken.
Chemists, physicists, and other physical scientists from Europe, Asia, and North America offer a range of perspectives on the polyyne class of molecules and the related carbon allotrope carbyne.
He demonizes Pragmatism as mere quantitative problem-solving, "absolutely stripped of any consciousness of particularity, especially human particularity," denouncing such instrumental rationality as "the fulfilled allotrope of the American pragmatist tradition" (p.
Ongoing at Prudie's school is an allotrope of this other world, cool and remote as seen from Californian heat, a production of "Brigadoon," the primary-color musical with its time-warped Scottish village and its dream of passion for which Prudie's school incessantly rehearses (103-09), with a libidinal emphasis which, in a sophisticated way, Austen's fiction replicates or is analogous to.
Ross was given four days for using his whip with excessive frequency and not giving his mount, runner-up Allotrope, time to respond.
WE GAVE them what they wanted," - the words of Frankie Dettori after treating a big crowd at Tralee to a well-executed victory on Allotrope and one of his famous flying dismounts at Ballybeggan Park last night.