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a structurally different form of an element

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Elemental Se has been known to exist in various allotropic forms, as red amorphous form, black vitreous form, three ([alpha], [beta], [gamma]) of red crystalline monoclinic forms and grey/black crystalline hexagonal (also referred to as trigonal) form which is also the most stable form, and some more allotropes are discovered recently (8), (9).
I mean the domination that is indissolubly related to the enclosure and domestication ("improvement") or at-homing of that which is "threateningly" errant, i.e., the "commons." Here, 1 want to suggest how applicable this ontological metaphor of the centered circle is, especially if its indissolubly affiliated allotrope, the disciplinary (improving) spatializing eye, is taken into account, to the structure--and structuration--of the (continuum of) being of Mansfield Park
But the greater irony today is that Israel has turned allotrope of the Third Reich repeating almost the same violations of life, liberty and properties against innocent Palestinians that Hitler did against the Jews.
Graphene is a two-dimensional allotrope of carbon atoms that exhibits a range of useful properties.
Graphene--it's the two-dimensional allotrope of carbon atoms that ignited the imaginations of researchers across the globe.
In 1998, Frankie Dettori made a whistle-stop visit to help celebrate the track's centenary, illuminating proceedings with a flying dismount after winning aboard John Oxx's Allotrope.
Originally it indicated the metastable allotrope of steel, formed by rapid cooling.
Fullerene is so called "The third carbon allotrope" and its discoverers got the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
Graphene, an inert carbon allotrope in the form of a two-dimensional, atomic-scale hexagonal lattice, substantially increases mechanical, electrical and thermal properties with loadings of a fraction of 1 percent by weight.
Graphene, a carbon allotrope has received worldwide interest among researchers due to its extraordinary properties that arises from its unique structure.
Graphyne, a layered carbon allotrope with both sp and [sp.sup.2] hybridized bonds, is considered as a possible competitor of graphene for their unique electronic [160], mechanical [161], and adsorption [162] properties.
Carbon nanotube (CNT) is an allotrope of carbon with a cylindrical nanostructure.
He highlighted the UK's role in innovation in the possibilities of graphene, a carbon allotrope found in pencils, with Nobel Prize-winning potential identified in 2004 at the University of Manchester - "Absolutely extraordinary, and it's really caught on as a theme" - as an example.