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the act of removing something from one location and introducing it in another location

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Vascularized composite allotransplantation: a new concept in musculoskeletal regeneration.
Once the CECs density drops below a certain level (<500/mm 2), the CECs left can no longer pump out enough water to keep corneal transparency leading to corneal stromal edema, clouding and vision loss, which is the so-called corneal decompensation.[1] Nowadays, the primary therapy for corneal decompensation is endothelium allotransplantation. However, the resource of donated corneal allograft is limited and far from sufficient compared with the huge requirement,[2] especially in developing countries.
We therefore made a systematic review of penile replantations evaluating age, injury features, repaired structures, and outcomes to identify critical elements of replantation and considered if these insights can be applied to allotransplantation. There are three penile transplantation cases reported in world literature.
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Other factors associated with increased risk of EM after allotransplantation are relapsed or refractory disease at time of transplant, unfavorable cytogenetics, EM disease before allo-SCT, retransplantation, age below 18 years, and FAB subtypes M4/M5 [7, 12].
Vascularized composite tissue allotransplantation (VCA) has become a feasible reconstructive option for patients with severe facial disfigurement.
All patients underwent induction chemotherapy (i.e., "3 + 7") with cytarabine 100mg/mq, intravenously, on days 1 to 7 and an anthracycline [daunorubicin 60 mg/mq on days 1 to 3 or mitoxantrone 10 mg/mq on days 1 to 3] and thereafter intermediate dose cytarabine for consolidation (up to 2 cycles) [3] or at higher doses (FLAG-Ida for all patients) as a bridge to allotransplantation [17,18] fornonresponder patients.
Transplant experts say a hand or face - called vascularised composite allotransplantation, or VCA - has as little as a couple of hours and offers from donor families have been refused because of the limitations.
A non-frozen living tissue bank for allotransplantation using green tea polyphenols.
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