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tissue or organ transplanted from a donor of the same species but different genetic makeup


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She had received a stem cell allotransplant, followed by immunosuppressive treatment.
Few previous studies have investigated the possible importance of preconditioning/pretransplant serum mediator levels as prognostic biomarkers in allogeneic stem cell transplantation; previous studies have mainly focused on single endothelial biomarkers as diagnostic or prognostic tools in patients with manifest acute GVHD rather than the possible use or biomarker profiles in the pretransplant evaluation of allotransplant recipients.
Louis, performed an ovarian allotransplant between 24-year-old identical twins, one of whom had premature ovarian failure.
The fundamental difference between this approach and the traditional allotransplant is that less reliance is placed on the tumoricidal properties of the conditioning regimen and more is placed on the powerfully cytotoxic effect of an allogeneic immune response.
The adherent population displayed immunoregulatory properties that were correlated with upregulation of heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1), an anti-inflammatory enzyme, both in vitro and in a rat allotransplant model in vivo.
As preclinical data in allotransplant models appeared promising, newer agents to inhibit the CD40/CD154 and CD28/CD80/CD86 interaction and other costimulatory pathways are in the pipeline [69-72] but will need to complete their drug development cycle prior to consideration for human xenotransplant trials.
Administration of MMP inhibitors in an islet allotransplant model abrogated the suppressive effect of MSC on alloreactive T cells, resulting in allograft rejection.
The thymus, brain, and testis may provide protection from the recipient's immune system with an allotransplant thereby potentially reducing the requirement for simultaneous immunosuppressive agents.
Each solid organ expresses different immunogenicity when it is allotransplanted, for example heart transplant recipients need higher immunosuppression level comparing with other organs [23].
The high rate of complications related to DDV repair appears to render it an unfavorable structure for allotransplants.
Based on their reports, the scaffold integration was influenced by allotransplanted AECs.
However, recent studies indicate that the incidence is higher, and posttransplant EM relapse has been described in 5-12% of allotransplanted AML patients, accounting for 7-46% of all AML relapses [2, 7, 8].
Furthermore, in our research, the allotransplanted mice were divided into rejection group and the survival group and we found that the frequencies of Foxp3+Tregs, GARP+Tregs, and LAP+Tregs in the survival group were significantly higher than those in the rejection group in the ipsilateral drainage lymph nodes and spleens 21 days after transplantation.
Parkey et al., "Prolonged insulin independence after islet allotransplants in recipients with type 1 diabetes," American Journal of Transplantation, vol.