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tissue or organ transplanted from a donor of the same species but different genetic makeup


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She had received a stem cell allotransplant, followed by immunosuppressive treatment.
James Hardy (Figure 8), who had carried out the first human lung allotransplant in 1963, visited Reemtsma and was impressed by the health of some of the patients with chimpanzee kidney transplants.
In November 2005 a new world of reconstructive possibility opened up for people with severe facial disfigurement when oral and maxillofacial surgeon Bernard Devauchelle teamed up with Jean-Michel Dubenard to perform the first composite tissue allotransplant taking facial tissue from a brain dead donor and transferring it to a French woman whose face was destroyed by a dog biting off her nose and lips.
Louis, performed an ovarian allotransplant between 24-year-old identical twins, one of whom had premature ovarian failure.
The fundamental difference between this approach and the traditional allotransplant is that less reliance is placed on the tumoricidal properties of the conditioning regimen and more is placed on the powerfully cytotoxic effect of an allogeneic immune response.