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Synonyms for site

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Synonyms for site

the place where a person or thing is located

the place where an action or event occurs

to put in or assign to a certain position or location

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Synonyms for site

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In this study, we have screened 100,000 compounds for the inhibitors of NS2B-NS3, perform virtual screening against the allosteric site and determine naturally occurring compounds as inhibitor of the protease.
Note that Arg31 and Val107 in a subunits and Arg31, Cys112, and Gln127 in [beta] subunits are overlapped with allosteric sites. It also proved that allosteric interfaces rather than structural interfaces take part in the complex formation.
This suggests that p,p'-DDT may interact with allosteric sites on the FSHR.
It is well established that bioactive products of NO synthases, principally NO and SNOs, regulate a diverse array of signal transduction pathways, acting mainly through the covalent modification (S-nitrosylation) of cysteine residues located at active or allosteric sites of proteins [7].
The three dimensional structures of the G12D mutated K-ras structure inhibitor bound to SOS pocket (PDB ID: 4DST), and two G12C mutated K-ras structure bound to allosteric sites (PDB ID: 4LUC and 4LYF).
They are presumed to interact with sites distinct from the orthosteric site and are called allosteric ligands, and their binding sites are called allosteric sites. Allosteric ligands, which enhance or suppress the binding of orthosteric ligands positive-or negative-cooperatively, are now called as positive allosteric modulators or negative allosteric modulators respectively.