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1999): On the presence of Allosaurus fragilis (Theropoda, Carnosauria) in the Upper Jurassic of Portugal: first evidence of an inter-continental dinosaur species.
The skeleton of an Allosaurus nicknamed 'Young Al' estimated to sell for between PS300,000 and PS500,000 is displayed at Summers Place Auctions in Billingshurst, England.
Utahns' Use of Diverted Water 82%--Agriculture 8%--Industry and Commercial 6%--Residential Outdoor Use 4%--Residential Indoor Use Envision Utah Water Allocation Scenarios Where Water Could Come From Allosaurus 34%--Conservation 28%--Agriculture 12%--Lake Powell Pipeline 8%--Bear River Project 18%--Local Projects Bonneville Trout 34%-Agriculture 13%--Lake Powell Pipeline 34%--Bear River Project 20%--Local Projects Seagull 17%--Conservation 26%--Agriculture 11%--Lake Powell Pipeline 28%--Bear River Project 17%--Local Projects Quaking Aspen 36%--Conservation 13%--Lake Powell Pipeline 33%--Bear River Project 19%--Local Projects Sego Lily 53%--Conservation 30%--Agriculture 17%--Local Projects Source: Envision Utah
But in my local library, AFTER school, where the books proscribed in school were the perfect prescription - big blowsy picture books, such as the one about dinosaurs that I borrowed again and again and again, even if the picture of the fight between the Allosaurus and the Stegosaurus gave me nightmares.
The Iguanodon, Utahraptor, Styracosaurus and Allosaurus are settling into their new home at Tenby Dinosaur Park after travelling 5,000 miles from Zigong City in China.
Ham, who accepted Peroutka's donation of an allosaurus skeleton to his Creation Museum in May, spoke at the Oct.
Ken Ham, the founder of the Creation Museum in Kentucky, will be unveiling a new exhibit of a 30-foot-long skeleton of an Allosaurus, News.
Rex, Stegosaurus, Diplodocus, Triceratops, Velociraptor, and Allosaurus.
Finding another (Torvosaurus) species in Portugal is pretty cool, because this is additional evidence that shows a similarity in Jurassic dinousarus in Europe and in North America," adding to finds of a stegasaurus and an allosaurus in both the US West and Portugal, said Ken Carpenter, paleontologist at Utah State University.
It's proof that ancient history--really, really ancient history--is anything but boring, as the route leads you through one of the most fossil-rich regions in the world, former home to titans like Allosaurus and Apatosaurus.
The Theodore Roosevelt Rotunda--known to many Museum visitors as the entrance with the iconic Barosaurus and Allosaurus exhibit at its center and itself a New York City interior landmark--was also fully renovated.
In the Sutton Building, for example, users can touch and rotate a stainless steel cast of a Utah-native Allosaurus skull to understand the skeleton's features or run a magnet over an ironstone slab to determine which minerals are magnetic.
Take a journey with renowned paleontologist Chris McGowan as he examines species from Allosaurus to T.
Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Predators presents a "top ten" of ancient creatures: allosaurus, ankylosaurus, apatosarus, pteranodon, sarcosuchus, spinosarus, stegosaurus, tyrannosaurus rex, triceratops, and velociraptor.