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There's also a very special star too - the Allosaur from last Christmas' The Ballad of Big Al, as well as a plethora of other weird and wonderful creatures, including hybrid human-monkey characters and an Entelodont which is a kind of ferocious giant pig, brought to life by the computer animators who created Walking with Dinosaurs and its recent follow-up, Walking with Beasts.
The elegant Leaellynasaura live in clans on the polar forest floor, the highly muscular herbivore Muttaburrasaurus migrates in and out of the Antarctic Circle, exploiting summer plant growth, but neither are safe from the dwarf Allosaur, a large and effective predator.
Arisen, we flew with triceratops, glide-walked with the allosaur.
There was a time when 50,000-pound Barosaurs and predatory Allosaurs walked the region we now call Utah.
Cleveland Lloyd Quarry has yielded up a dinosaur egg, more than 15,000 dinosaur bones, and 44 Allosaurs.
Backyard mating battles between male ruby-throated, emerald-skinned chameleons evoke, with a bit of imagination, the earth-shaking set-tos of the 20-foot long, 10-ton allosaurs.