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An allosaur attack would have been as harmless as "a bunch of hyenas trying to attack an elephant."
There's also a very special star - the allosaur from last Christmas's The Ballad of Big Al as well as a plethora of other weird and wonderful creatures, including hybrid humanmonkey characters and an entelodont - all brought to life by the animators who created Walking with Dinosaurs.
"I went where the bones are soft and the digging is hard." Among his and his volunteers' finds: megalosaurs, allosaurs, and, this summer, what may be one of the earliest Cretaceous ostrich dinosaurs.
Allosaurs, sometimes confused with the Tyrannosaurus rex, were large theropod dinosaurs.
The finds include saurapods, some of the largest land animals to have lived, and meateating allosaurs as well as ichthysaurs, dolphinlike creatures with eyes as big as dinner plates, and thousands of mollusk fossils known as Devil's Toenails.
When it lived 97 million years ago it was not at the top of the food chain as giant allosaurs were the apex predators.
Coelurosaurians include a group of theropod dinosaurs more closely related to birds than to other dinosaurs, including the allosaurs.