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the condition of being polyploid

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Segmental allopolyploidy has been proposed by Matsubayashi (1991) for
If allopolyploidy were found, then the putative parental taxa could be determined and the evolutionary origin of polyploid P.
Allopolyploidy often leads to instantaneous reproductive isolation due to a change in chromosome number.
Low-copy nuclear data confirm rampant allopolyploidy in the Cystopteridaceae (Polypodiales).
Soltis & Soltis included under the name of hybrid speciation two phenomena: the homoploid hybrid speciation (what we have called hybrid, the result of the crossing between two different species resulting in another organism that maintains the same ploidy level as its parentals) and allopolyploidy (even autopolyploidy when considering that autopolyploidy may typically involve hybridization between populations of the same species) (Soltis & Soltis 2009).
The evolutionary origin of a second radiation of annual Castilleja (Orobanchaceae) species in south America: the role of long distance dispersal and allopolyploidy.
Allopolyploidy is recognizably an important mode of speciation in plants (Otto & Whitton, 2000; Soltis & Soltis, 2000, 2009).
Two extreme categories of polyploidy can be recognized: autopolyploidy and allopolyploidy.
Certainly these anomalies of nature may be important to the process of evolution (hybridization and allopolyploidy are especially important for plant speciation), but with habitats and species disappearing at such an alarming rate, priorities must be set.
coupling-phase within each linkage group would indicate allopolyploidy (disomic inheritance), and a 0.