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(linguistics) any of various acoustically different forms of the same phoneme

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The second rule implies that any /n/ followed by /k/ is transcribed into [N] ([N] is the allophone of [n] when followed by /k/ or /g/, e.g.
According to Hogg (1992:40 [[section] 2.74]), the West Germanic merger of *r and *z and the present-day pronunciation of English /r/ suggest, as the most likely possibility, a coronal fricative, flap or tap in Old English, with a "velarised" allophone in coda positions--in other words, articulations similar to those found in some varieties of modern English.
Le processus de communication interculturelle est alors a l'origine des relations qui se developpent entre les trois acteurs sociaux concernes par l'interpretariat, soit l'immigrant allophone, l'intervenant et l'interprete.
Since section 23 is restricted to Canadian citizens, allophones (whose mother tongue was neither French nor English) were still required by section 23 to send their children to French language schools.
* /p/, /t/, and /k/ have only one allophone that is unaspirated.
The Francophone and non-Francophone communities (Anglophones and Allophones) remain politically divided and, to a considerable extent, culturally apart.
or set up a minority public school system for their benefit."(157) If this is so, then Section 73 will not violate Article 27, because it does not hinder private anglophone and allophone private education.
It was the kind of confusion I found in every Anglophone and Allophone I met in Montreal.
Stone begins her text with several metaphors of prosthesis, from her first expe-rience of building a crystal radio set to meditations on Stephen Hawking's Votrax allophone generator.
In [sections] 7.68, does his suggestion that ~medial [y] became an allophone of /x/'ignore the frequent analogical restoration of medial h (see Brunner [sections] 218 Anm.
x: For "allophon" read either "allophone" or "allophonic." (The abbreviations "allom." and "alloph." seem to be used interchangeably; for example, on p.
Allophone immigrants are outsiders in the majority community, especially in nationalist circles.
In the current study we found that the UK-based Pashtoon learners have the average VOT values for the allophones of English /t/ (35.64 ms for the aspirated and 33.17 for unaspirated allophone) which are significantly different from the L1 retroflex [] (13.83 ms).
Near-close near-front rounded vowel [Y] may be considered another allophone of /u/, as it is heard in suzi [sY'zi'] ~ [[phrase omitted]] 'grass', sulax [SY'I[alpha]X] ~ [sul[alpha]x] 'hole', nu [nY] ~ [nu] 'new'.