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(linguistics) any of various acoustically different forms of the same phoneme

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While probably velar, this allophone was distinct from /k/, which was more fronted.
In Athpabariya there are five allophones such as [gh], [dz], [dzh], [bh] and [dh].
The climatic conditions of the Manawatu district have influenced mixed parent materials consisting of loamy tephra, loess, and quartzo-feldspathic alluvium to form allophone under well-drained conditions and kandite under imperfect and poor drainage conditions.
Allophone is abundant in JSO-1:JSO-2 mixed soils and it is contained in contaminated soils.
When Quebecers abandoned the parish during the Quiet Revolution and allophone immigrants reached Montreal in large numbers, the survival of French as Quebec's lingua franca was imperiled.
In what might be considered Bouraoui's "great Canadian novel," Ainsi parle la Tour CN, the two solitudes more contemporaneously become four (francophone, anglophone, allophone, and First Nation).
Here, people first identify as being francophone, anglophone or allophone (Canada-speak for having a mother tongue other than English or French).
Context-free grapheme-to-allophone rules from the Proteus standard words rule set (Zganec Gros, 2006) translate each grapheme string into a series of allophones.
mention that during any occasion in which an Allophone is implicated in a crime or difficult situation (or some other negative occurrence) the origins of that individual are highlighted.
There the allophone and allomorphs play a game of leapfrog between the Broca's and Wernicke's areas of her cortex before coming out of her mouth as fuzzy words and expressions.
There are similarly maverick readings of Gandhi, Das Boot, Leolo and Highway 61, relating the issues of these films to Melnyk's own experiences as an allophone other in his adopted land.
p/, /t/, and /k/ have only one allophone that is unaspirated.
For instance, Eleni Bakopanos, a bilingual allophone speaker from Montreal assisted the unilingual Justice Minister, Anne McLellan, in departmental announcements and ministerial press conferences.
The east of Montreal is mostly Francophone and traditionally working class--currently with many unemployed on welfare--with a few Allophone enclaves, while the west of Montreal is mostly Anglophone and Allophone and generally less impoverished.
There has been, however, the Haitian-Canadian cult classic, Comment faire l'amour avec un negre sans se fatiguer (1989); and in a number of films, allophone references have begun to appear.