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(linguistics) any of various acoustically different forms of the same phoneme

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Both texts also have examples in which the predicted allophone for the nasal phonemes is [n], although in the NWS text there are no such cases in interior positions.
Re-envisioning Allophone immigrant children and their inclusion in French-language schools in Ontario.
In English, /t/is chosen, rather arbitrarily, from the allophone [t] (as in "stop"), as the "citation form" of the phoneme, with other allophones indicated by diacritics.
Additionally, as an experiment in the present paper suggests (see Figure 2), the devoiced allophones are only the third frequent type of realization, after modal vowels and complete vowel loss.
While probably velar, this allophone was distinct from /k/, which was more fronted.
These observations would support an interpretation of [r] as an allophone of /[?
From Proto-Munduruku until Pre-Munduruku, *L developed into *d, carrying two allophones along: [d] in oral context and [n] in nasal context.
In Athpabariya there are five allophones such as [gh], [dz], [dzh], [bh] and [dh].
The allophone [w] appears in the vicinity of back vowels: wat [wa:t] "stone", kowirom "I fell", ka girsawoca "You will get married", awasar "summer"; and in loans from Arabic: sewi "straight", 'awin kar- "help", lwi kar- "bend".
N content for Andisols of Ibaraki, Japan, was A1 content derived from allophone and imogolite, with a negative impact.
The reason for this is that /1/ has no other allophone in Punjabi, Urdu, Pushto, Saraiki and Sindhi which make up the first languages of the participants.
Mineralogical analysis was not carried out for Horoeka silt loam soils; however, the NaF field test on the Horoeka silt loam topsoil samples showed both weak positive reactions and negative reactions for presence of allophone.
It confirmed the allophone materials while analyzing AAS (Atomic Absorption spectrometry) about the supernatant liquid.
This complexity held too for Roman Catholics who were Anglophone and Allophone (Mark McGowan).
If the latter prevails we would need to include the phoneme n in the consonant chart rather than regarding it as an allophone of n in front of g.