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the occurrence of related organisms in separate geographical areas with no overlap

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Recently, Turner and Mallet (1996) suggested that mimicry rings in Heliconius did not originate via "biotic drift" in allopatry and in conjunction with Pleistocene climatic-vegetational fluctuations (as proposed by Brown et al., 1974), but rather by mutation and random drift in parapatry.
As a result of the influential work of Mayr (1963), ideas of speciation were dominated for many years by the importance of allopatry in initiating divergence (Coyne 1994; Howard & Berlocher 1998).
Subsequent generations deriving from the intertidal individuals would presumably be enriched for the turbulence-settlement allele, thus setting up nascent allopatry and the plausible divergence of the subtidal and intertidal populations as separate species.
The often widely disjunct and patchy distribution patterns of edaphic specialists provide settings in which to test whether pre-zygotic isolating mechanisms are stronger in populations in parapatry/sympatry relative to those in allopatry. Enhanced reproductive isolation between edaphically divergent taxa found under parapatiy/sympatiy, relative to those in allopatry, may reflect the action of reinforcement, i.e., selection for reduced gene flow to avoid maladaptive hybridization (Widmer et al., 2009).
U-Mann Whitney test for Genetic Identities also showed values which were not significant for sympatry (P = 0.473) but different in allopatry for both cases (Itaipu, P = 0.003 and Prainha, P = 0.007).
Only 45% of moose were categorized with the same migratory pattern using the NSD techniques when compared to the winter-summer range allopatry analysis.
Historical allopatry and the biogeography of speciation in the prosobranch snail genus Nucella.
However, it has been suggested by a number of researchers (Elmer et al., 2010a; Geiger et al., 2010a; Waid et al., 1999) that more Midas cichlid species await scientific description in allopatry and in sympatry with currently described species.
Littoral Tanaidacea (Crustacea: Peracarida) from Macaronesia: allopatry and provenance in recent habitats.
quadripunctata to overlap in distribution in Mississippi but drive allopatry between them in other areas.
The observed strong phenotypic similarity was preserved under speciation through complete allopatry. Neotenic Lycidae have survived for a long time in very stable habitats, and extremely low dispersal activity has not limited their persistence; however, the long-term diversification rate of neotenics is low and diversification is nonexistent under stable conditions.
Divergence in allopatry: molecular and morphological differentiation between sea urchin separated by the isthums of Panama.
The objective of this study was to test the systematic identity and genetic divergence distinguishing the two subspecies in areas of sympatry and allopatry in comparison to other subspecies and close relatives.