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the occurrence of related organisms in separate geographical areas with no overlap

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Only 45% of moose were categorized with the same migratory pattern using the NSD techniques when compared to the winter-summer range allopatry analysis.
Orographic, edaphic, and climatic diversity lead to ecological diversity, fragmentation, and allopatry, which may have stimulated diversification in Phaulotettix.
The objective of this study was to test the systematic identity and genetic divergence distinguishing the two subspecies in areas of sympatry and allopatry in comparison to other subspecies and close relatives.
Mitochondrial DNA sequences from populations of these 5 species from throughout their distribution (Maui, Lanai and Molokai) were used to infer the geographic history of the species on East Maui and to determine whether diversification likely occurred in situ, or alternatively whether diversification occurred in allopatry on different volcanoes.
By extension, mimics should not experience reduced predation in areas of allopatry where harmful models are absent.
Miller (1964: 256) believed that "Two species may exist in close proximity and their ranges may even interdigitate, but they maintain a relationship of contiguous allopatry and do not form mixed-species populations.
The species is more sexually dimorphic in the region of allopatry.
Using the exceptionally rich Colombian fauna of Eleutherodactylus and cladistic hypotheses available for 65 species, one finds that allopatry is predominant (94%).
There was also good evidence for a polygenic basis to the observed genetic variation, and they suggest that this supports a hypothesis of divergence for song characters while in allopatry during the Pleistocene glaciations that probably separated the subspecies.
The Evolutionary Species Concept does apply in such cases of allopatry, however, although with considerable subjectivity in determining whether or not an allopatric population in sufficiently differentiated to be regarded as having established a unique evolutionary trajectory.