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(of biological species or speciation) occurring in areas isolated geographically from one another

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(1987) summarized four maj or phylogeographic categories and inferred the microevolutionary processes responsible for generating them: (1) phylogenetic discontinuities associated with spatial separation of populations involve long-term barriers to gene flow (i.e., allopatric or microallopatric processes); (2) phylogenetic discontinuities without spatial separation of populations imply either secondary contact between historically allopatric taxa or sympatric divergence; (3) phylogenetic continuity despite spatial separation is consistent with limited gene flow among taxa; and (4) phylogenetic continuity and lack of spatial separation result from extensive gene flow among taxa.
The second mode involves a change in host plants from ancestral to descendent species after either allopatric, parapatric, or possibly sympatric speciation.
Despite limited sampling, however, the inferred sequence data indicate an allopatric speciation of the two sister taxa S.
So, the status contradicts the rule of allopatric distribution of subspecies and does not explain as hybridization area (Figs.
Cytogenetic comparison between two allopatric populations of Astyanax altiparanae Garutti et Britski, 2000 (Teleostei, Characidae), with emphasis on the localization of 18S and 5S rDNA.
Eastern snapping turtle locations where both species were in sympatry were characterized by higher temperatures and increased detritus, whereas allopatric eastern snapping turtle locations were characterized by presence of aquatic vegetation and mud substrates (Table 6).
longiseta system showed that sympatric hosts were chemically closer to the parasites than to allopatric hosts despite being from the same species.
All of the species are allopatric and there is no known geographical overlap, and from the first eophylls to especially mature plants, the species can be separated.
Morphometric analysis is a useful technique for solving taxonomic problems, such as studying and delimiting populations of the same species, or recognizing cryptic species in sympatric or allopatric populations (Calle et al.
In theory, sexual selection and sexual conflict can cause rapid co-evolution of these proteins, generating a diversity of fertilization capacities among individuals within populations and reproductive isolation between allopatric populations (Palumbi, 2009).
Based on our results we propose that quetzal subspecies be considered as two independent species, given the current allopatric distribution of subspecies with current gene flow interrupted, the strong genetic differentiation and the clear divergence, the phylogenetic and the morphometric separation.
Transmission dynamics and epidemiology of Rhodesian sleeping sickness in allopatric populations of Glossina pallidipes of Kenya.
Most scientists believe that allopatric speciation, where different species arise from an ancestral species only after breeding populations have become physically isolated from each other, is the dominant mode of speciation both on land and in the sea.
1994, Numachi 1978), but the reciprocal cross is fully fertile with eggs from allopatric C.