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the usual method of treating disease with remedies that produce effects differing from those produced by the disease itself

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An independent study carried out on Dr Batra's by A C Nielsen in India found that 71% of patients believed that Dr Batra's provides the best solution in homeopathy; 73% of the patients taking Allopathy and Homeopathy said that Dr Batra's offers the best solutions in Homeopathy.
Comparative study of placebo-controlled trials of homoeopathy and allopathy.
those practices and understandings that are more heavily influenced by 'biomedicine,' the globally dominant medical paradigm also called Western medicine or allopathy (2).
What's the safest herbal treatment to deal with what's inside the nappy, or is herbal the way to go, or is the quick fix of allopathy better?
Table 8 Systems of Medicine and Expenditure by Gender Systems of Medicine * Male Female Person Allopathy 5608.
Rather than seeking to mimic the Big Pharma blockbusters, we as an industry ought to work to define and clarify the principles that make natural medicine a true alternative, not by opposing allopathic medicine but by doing what allopathy and its pharmaceutical allies cannot do.
When we detect PIN, allopathy has no treatment for it.
Next to allopathy, (13) homeopathy was once the most well-known and successful school of medicine until the allopaths consolidated regulatory control over the practice and professions of medicine in the first two decades of the twentieth century and used it to eradicate as much of the competition as they could.
The unanimity of these reports, in the exceptional circumstances of this epidemic, leaves an uneasy feeling that the use of aspirin for influenza is one of the 'obvious' treatments of allopathy that has, in fact, no scientific basis and may be dangerous.
Initial analyses suggested that both homeopathy and allopathy showed beneficial effects, but a meta-regression of those trials considered to be of higher methodologic quality suggested that bias played a larger part in the homeopathy trials.
There is a continuous search for agents which provide nephroprotection against the renal impairment induced by drugs like cisplatin and gentamicin for which allopathy offers no remedial measures.
Furthermore, in addition to their cultural connotation, some of these plant species have contributed to several systems of medicine, including allopathy.
Allopathy is the system of using antagonists to cause a reaction that produces a different biological condition.
The prestige of allopathy in this country seems to have secured the notion of the body as an enclosed space, "normal" if healthy in its pristine, atomistic terms, but susceptible to invasion by voracious, self-multiplying cells.
A future goal is to set up a clinic in Mexico to practice naturopathy, homeopathy, herbology, chiropractic and allopathy.