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the usual method of treating disease with remedies that produce effects differing from those produced by the disease itself

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Under section 10 of 1962 act related to Allopathy medicines, the DCs, ADCs Assistant Commissioners and Additional Assistant Commissioner would perform duty of inspector.
He said there was need for a relook of the Ayurveda syllabus and underlined the requirement for standard guidelines and treatment in the medicine system so it is not overpowered by Allopathy.
On the contrary, Western medicine uses allopathy, like a boxing player who focuses her/his strength in confronting and defeating the rival.
People are realising the benefits of this form of treatment since allopathy has lot of side effects," he said.
Where limit of allopathy ends, plant medicine work starts, she contended.
In another scenario, in allopathy, surgical interventions in tertiary care also follow somewhat similar approach in decentralised or local decision making.
In sum, the basic principles of Canadian chiropractic informed consent procedures and policies do not differ from allopathy and cover the essentials of the Supreme Court of Canada decision.
DMC officials told Mail Today that the council will issue notices to all the three allopathy doctors -- Dr Vinod Raina of Safe Hands, Safdarjung Enclave; Dr PK Gupta of Gupta's Super Specialty Clinic, Karol Bagh and Dr Nagendra Kumar of Radha Poly Clinic, Mahipalpur -- mentioned in the M AIL T ODAY report dated May 27, on Monday seeking an explanation for their conduct.
Homeopathy seeks to address the root causes, and not just the symptoms, as allopathy does.
double dagger][double dagger]) Bachelor of Homeopathy Sciences, Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery are the other approved medical streams besides allopathy (MBBS) in India.
Though it is a valid logic that reasoning directly from data that is gathered by controlled structure, as is true of science based trials in allopathy, is not always accurate as it's with many biases and confounders, however the statistical testing helps to get beyond mere correlation to cause-and-effect and eliminate most of these concerns.
On the contrary, he said allopathy gained massive inroads mainly because of their researchbased development in context of diagnosis, treatment as well as pharmacological preparations.
The basket of products we have chosen is a cross between ayurveda and allopathy," says Kedia.
Besides its religious importance, tulsi has medicinal values, which have been accepted in all branches of medicine - be it allopathy, ayurveda, unani, siddha etc.
Another study revealed that 73 per cent of the patients taking allopathy and homeopathy treatment say that Dr.