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the usual method of treating disease with remedies that produce effects differing from those produced by the disease itself

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Almost 50% of the women chose their preferred mode of treatment assuming it to give them quick recovery the rest looked for available mode of treatment while some preferred allopathy as their first choice while a few with educated background also consult pirfaqirs, religious men or village wise person (siana) (table, figure).
One account tells us of Maharajah Ranjit Singh trying out allopathy, homeopathy, Unani medicines, and herbal concoctions of hakeems as well as Hindu Vedic medicines.
Muir shows that in the 1910s there was a trend of "homeopathy" (or in some cases, "allopathy"), that is, "curing the blues with the blues" (Music in American Life [Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2010], 80-103).
[4] A study in New Delhi revealed allopathy as the preferred modality of treatment for seeking health care.
Syed Shabibul Hasan, vice-chancellor of Hamdard University, said Tibb-i-Unani needed more research to be on a par with allopathy and to achieve this we should work together with other manufacturers of Unani medicine.
Zabta Khan Shinwari said that Tibb was a system of treatment quite old enough than allopathic system of medicine so the allopathy should be treated as alternative medicine and not Tibb-i-Unani.
Polyclinic has two branches with pharmacy at CBD and Al Khuwayr having allopathy, homoeopathy and ayurveda under one roof.
The medicos were honoured broadly in 5 categories, i.e., Allopathy, Dentistry, Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Medical Research.
The bill also has provisions for granting permission to the doctors under Indian systems of medicine, including Ayurveda, to be allowed to practice allopathy after clearing a bridge course.
Our evidence-based, integrated treatment plans combine the worlds of allopathy, naturopathy, homeopathy, Chinese medicine, and Ayurveda to develop the most effective treatments and therapies, allowing our practitioners the flexibility to customize and individualize treatment programs for our patients to achieve the most effective results.
Menstrual History Details Number of Cases Percentage Age of menarche [less than or equal to] 12 years 41 41 >12 years 59 59 Excessive menstruation 28 28 Irregular menstruation 38 38 Normal menstruation 34 34 Family history of dysmenorrhea Yes 35 35 No 65 65 Dysmenorrhea Before menstruation 8 8 During menstruation 92 92 Treatment taken for dysmenorrhea Yes 39 39 No 61 61 Table 6: Treatment Adopted in Cases of Dysmenorrhea ` Percentage of Cases Allopathy medicine 39 Ayurvedic/Homeopathy 61 Apply heat 80 Apply massage 80 Drinking tea 22 Exercises/yoga 10 Eating foods like papaya, 32 pumpkin seeds Combination of methods 93
He also asked experts from the field to find medicines which can, like Allopathy, give immediate relief to people but without side-effects.
In another scenario, in allopathy, surgical interventions in tertiary care also follow somewhat similar approach in decentralised or local decision making.
DMC officials told Mail Today that the council will issue notices to all the three allopathy doctors -- Dr Vinod Raina of Safe Hands, Safdarjung Enclave; Dr PK Gupta of Gupta's Super Specialty Clinic, Karol Bagh and Dr Nagendra Kumar of Radha Poly Clinic, Mahipalpur -- mentioned in the M AIL T ODAY report dated May 27, on Monday seeking an explanation for their conduct.
Homeopathy seeks to address the root causes, and not just the symptoms, as allopathy does.