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of or relating to the practice of allopathy


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'We should not totally rely on allopathic as many medicines are still being prepared throughout the world with the help of plants and animals whose prescriptions are thousands years old,', the minister said while addressing an International Symposium and Global Biodiversity and Health Big Data here at COMSTECH.
Similarly, another clinic was sealed because a non-qualified person was found busy in allopathic inject-able practice.
According to them, the treatment that had more side effects 196 (60.7%) were answered the Allopathic, then 54 (16.7%) Hakim, 27 (8.4%) Molvi/peer, 19 (5.9%) hakim and molvi/peer, 9 (2.8%) Homeopathic and 9 (2.8%) had no knowledge about it.
So I imagine our Spanish subscriber may be correct that the Townsend Letter has become more allopathic. Still much of the conventional medical world remains unconvinced that supplements, herbals, homeopathic medicine, chelation, colonic enemas, ozone therapy, and nutrition play an important role in preventive care and treatment for disease.
He said that hakims and homeopathic doctors were considered quacks when they used allopathic medicines in their prescriptions, which was quite illegal.
"I took my ill mother to a homeopathic doctor who runs his clinic as an allopathic consultant, adding he gave her wrong medicines which affected her both kidneys instantly, "Sadia Babar a resident of G-13 said.
allopathic graduates who had applied unsuccessfully once to otolaryngology residencies were included in the study.
It would manufacture, package and distribute allopathic drugs.
Integrative medicine is a collaborative approach that combines effective treatments of both conventional mainstream (allopathic medicine) and complementary medicine in an evolving clinical setting.
A comparative cross-sectional study, utilized 1,068 patients (stratified random samples; n=178 per therapy) from 0 to 75+ years of age, belonging to 178 union councils of Karachi, assessing preference among allopathic and herbal therapies in terms of provided utility in common cold, depression and trauma via surveys, assuming no significant relationship between age group, sex and cost of illness with disability-adjusted-life-years.
These treatment centres were being run by dispensers and unqualified staff, while other illegal practices included medical stores treating patients, homeopathic doctors and hakeems giving allopathic medicines, dentistry without qualified doctors, laboratories without pathologists and other qualified staff.
Traditional medicine use in hypertension and its related diseases can lead to adverse outcome, related to delay in seeking proper treatment, leading to increased severity or complications of the disease, drug interactions, and poor adherence to allopathic medicines that are known to control the disease [5].
This combination of Indian and allopathic medicine has given me an integrated knowledge of both medical systems.
BANNU -- Provincial Drug Inspector Haji Muhammad Ali sealed scores of bogus Allopathic and Homeopathic clinics in a raid on Friday.
allopathic medical school seniors registered for the match, 221 more than in 2015, according to data from the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP).