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of or relating to the practice of allopathy


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A total 30 clinics were sealed in tehsil Sargodha, out of which 18 were of allopathic, seven dental and five orthopaedic surgeons.
Invariably all these so called alternative medicines were reported as containing allopathic ingredients openly sold in the market.
As per details, Drug inspector Hafiz Ibrar Khan and Auranzeb were also present and participated in the raid and checked those Hakeem clinics who were using steroid in their medicines and sealed their clinics apart from this other bogus Allopathic and homeopathic clinics were also sealed in the district.
allopathic seniors who registered for the Match this year, 18,187 submitted program choices and 17,057 matched to first-year positions.
For allopathic patterns of diagnosis for patients with migraine headaches, an inclusion and exclusion criteria was performed.
The only heartening fact is that the number of allopathic doctors at Primary Health Centres ( PHC) has jumped by 35 percent from 20308 in 2005 to 27421 in 2015.
Currently, ACGME and AOA maintain separate accreditation systems for allopathic and osteopathic educational programs.
A majority (241) of the respondents went to quacks as their first choice for the treatment of their illness, followed by Allopathic doctors (68), chemists (46), and Ayurvedic doctors (23).
In contrast to traditional Chinese medicine, which the allopathic community reduces to acupuncture, and chiropracty [sic], which the allopathic community reduces to spinal manipulation, naturopathy has defied reduction to a single modality," says Charles R.
Even better for retailers, industry observers say that people are not necessarily replacing allopathic items with natural, but instead using both.
Currently, Ghana has a pluralistic health care system consisting of both traditional and allopathic medicine (See Table 1).
The acceptance rates for African American applicants and Latino applicants also produced significant p-values but surprisingly, while the African American female allopathic medical school acceptance rate was significantly different from the acceptance rate of Asian American females, the comparison of acceptance rates for African American male applicants and Asian American male applicants did not show significance.
A total of 110 animals were used in 11 controlled experiments to compare efficacy of plants, Saussurea lappa, Fumaria parviflora, Caesalpinia crista and an allopathic drug triclabendazole.
Pointing to a document on allopathic medicine on her desk, she told Gulf News that the scientists in the report have recommended a combination of allopathic medicine and supplements.
Sayed Ishfaq said his mother had been undergoing allopathic, unani treatment for the last 12 years but with no great result or relief.