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of or relating to the practice of allopathy


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Earlier, people were not aware of homeopathy and largely depended on allopaths. This branch of medicine gradually gained popularity as awareness about it increased with more and more patients coming in for relief for respiratory, digestive, skin and other health issues."
He was instrumental, however, in forcing the allopath, or regular physician, to diminish the quantity of drugs administered, and reduced the popularity of the use of mercury and bleeding which was the vogue in his day.
allopath, (54) similar to Fuller; they both seem to fit Marland's
An allopath knows the exact dosage and composition of the medicine s/ he is prescribing.
The major portion of private providers included allopath doctors, doctors from Indian systems of medicine (ayurveda and homoeopathy), nurses, pharmacists, traditional healers and informal service providers (quacks).
traditionalist, a stone allopath, suddenly gets tired of pushing
As an allopath, graduated from an accredited midwestern medical school, I have many one-sided opinions.
I recall thinking that Alan Gaby, as entertaining a speaker as he was, still fit into that green allopath category, though he was using vitamins as drugs rather than herbs.
Dr Nasim, an allopath, also practises Integrative Medicine that assimilates other streams of alternative medicine in his therapies following Dr Andrew Weil, the father of Integrative Medicine.
Every time an allopath prescribes a dangerous drug or performs a surgery with high risk, they do so under this umbrella of governmental protection.
District Health Department of ICT Administration has been holding this free camp since 2004 with the co-operation of pharmaceutical companies , renowned chemists of town, homeopath, allopath and Tib doctors who have donated medicines and their valuable services for the camp .