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any of several different crystalline forms of the same chemical compound

a variant phonological representation of a morpheme

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Allomorphic Variation in Old English Word-Formation: Evidence from the Derivational Paradigm of Strong Verbs." Studia Anglica Posnaniensia 49: 63-82.
The abbreviation 'allo' is used to indicate allomorphic structures; 'comp' is used to indicate compounds; 'LK' for linking morphemes; and 'stem' labels an independent component (either words or stems).
In addition to this, there are allomorphic variations affecting some of the classes, but which are not specifically relevant to the present analysis.
(13) Allomorphic correspondence between /fa/ and /fe/.
In a short survey of the salient phonological and morphological characteristics of the language the author notes that Erzya could be said to feature a relatively productive morphological system "with ample allomorphic variation and regular affix-meaning cumulation, which might promote discussions in the definition of derivation versus declension and conjugation...
Although still incomplete, our results begin to tie together allomorphic changes, shifts in feeding ecology, and possibly population dynamics of Drymonema.
1989 "Isomorfnoje i allomormoje v rannem detskom dvujazycii" [Isomorphic and allomorphic features in early childhood bilingualism], in: Deseriev, Jurij D.
These words cannot derive < OIA *sitta- 'whistle' (13427) but require an allomorphic protoform *suti- 'whistle'.
Once the morphological segmentation is available, the generation of lemmata can be achieved by appending the canonical inflectional suffix to the identified base, and potentially applying the necessary allomorphic change to the root.
Support for treating CV (or VC) reduplication as deriving from V affixation--i.e., as essentially phonological in character--comes from cases in which vowel lengthening and CV (or VC) reduplication are contextually determined allomorphic alternatives.
Here red is associated only with the parodic succor of the rodeo clowns who pull the bulls off the riders, a violence duplicated by the allomorphic transition from the Del Mars' clanking bedstead to the gate of the bull chute.
In Old Maithili, the converbal affix was invariably -i (or, its allomorphic variants -ia/-ia).
The modal adjectives ([d.sub.7]), onomasiologically adjacent with past participles, end in either of the two allomorphic variants -able or/and -ible.