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any of several different crystalline forms of the same chemical compound

a variant phonological representation of a morpheme

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Besides, absorption band at 896 [cm.sup.-1] corresponds to C-O-C stretching at [beta] (1-4) linkage [14], It should be pointed out that the peaks at 3,240, 1,426, and 896 [cm.sup.-1] are used to define cellulose allomorph as cellulose I [8], For XNBR, the peak of O-H stretching vibration appears at 3,468 [cm.sup.-1], which originates from the carboxylic groups on the rubber backbone of XNBR [13].
For example, taking the words /kara/ 'hot' and /kala/ 'porridge', the phrase /kara kal[??]/ [kara kal] can be formed and the second morpheme takes its allomorph. When the proximal demonstrative /?inti[??]/ is appended the phrase becomes /?inti[??] kar kal[??]/ [?inti kar [??]kal] 'this hot porridge' and both morphemes take their allomorphic form.
Meyer-Lubke derived -ne from the effects of phrase-level phonetics on the negative non, with none being the stressed and no the proclitic allomorph. According to Meyer-Lubke, a paradigmatic relation could have been established between the stressed none and unstressed no; from there, the syllable -ne could have been extracted and pressed into service as a marker of the stressed allomorphs of other vowel-final oxytones, including mene and tene in opposition to me and te (Italienische, 172-173).
The anti-nuclear protest amounts, in fact, to an allomorph of the rag antics-as uncommitted, unimpassioned, and numerically feeble as they--and the mushroom cloud on a banner matches the tower of ostrich plumes during the Verushka shoot, their smoky, fiery colors trivializing the weapon as an "accessory," an artifact constructed from the trappings of the Bourbon regime.
Moreover, a new patented methodology (Figure 3) has made it possible to industrially isolate the crystalline structure of chitin (Figure 4) from its allomorph parallel sheets to obtain the so-called chitin nanofibrils (CN).
Consequently, determining which disyllabic a-neuters attached the u-plural allomorph regularly and which attached it by analogy as well as which of these neuters suffixed the o-allomorph regularly and which did so analogically is troublesome.
(32) ka- 0- n-lcm-nen SGO-3NSA-NEG-beat-NPT- NEG 'They do not beat you.' (33) a-0- n-lcm-ma-n 1-3NSGA-NEG-beat- 1SGO-NEG 'They do not beat me.' The third person non-singular allomorph undergoes changes according to the phonological environments.
Khwarshi Essive Lative Ablative CONT -1 -1-ul -1-zi IN -(m)a -(m)a-1 -(m)a-zi SUB -y -y-ul -y-zi SUPER -y'o -y'o-1 -y'o-zi AT -qo -qo-l -qo-zi NEAR -yo -yo-1 -yo-zi ILOC -ho -ho-1 -ho-zi Versative Translative Tenninative CONT -1-yu-1 -l-yu-zaz -1-q'a IN -(m)a-yu-1 -(m)a-yu-zaz -(m)a-q'a SUB -y-yu-1 -y-yu-zaz -y-q'a SUPER -y'o-yu-l -y'o-yu-zaz -y'o-q'a AT -qo-yu-1 -qo-yu-zaz -qo-q'a NEAR -yo-yu-1 -yo-yu-zaz -yo-q'a ILOC -ho-yu-1 -ho-yu-zaz -ho-q'a All four location suffixes ending with -o have an allomorph ending with -a.
The relatively early attested cuda-1 is also the most widespread allomorph with modern descendants found in the triangle between Nuristani, Assamese and Maldivian.
The desired output information, as far as morphology is concerned, requires a morphological lexicon and morphological corpus annotation to include parsed lexemes on the morphological level, with annotations and explicit feature bundles associated with each single morpheme or allomorph, as shown in table 1 for the word procitamo (Croatian, "to read(out)").
The main purpose of our endeavours was to establish the relative extension positions as reflected in Table 2, and in addition, to provide the lexical transducer with the phonological rules that would dictate the correct allomorph of any extension in any given extension sequence.
Having five sons identifies her as an allomorph of the Phaiakian queen, Arete of Scheria, and Nausicaa as well.
It is much more difficult to choose the correct stem than the case and the plural allomorph: the more uninflected the stem is, the less mistakes are made.