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any of several different crystalline forms of the same chemical compound

a variant phonological representation of a morpheme

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Interestingly, Croatian language manuals and research do not agree on whether o--and ob--are allomorphs or two pre fixes.
At first, it/they existed in free variation with the shorter native form(s); later, each allomorph was reallocated to a specific function and syntactic environment, producing the coherent systems of present-day languages.
Nouns of this group regularly attached the allomorph -o in the nominative plural and the accusative plural (cf.
Those combining with the allomorph 0- of R1 prefix were included into Class I, those combining with the allomorph r- of this same prefix were included into Class II, and those stems which do not combine with any relational prefix, into Class III.
In (30) and (31) the allomorph <n> occurs between them.
Khwarshi Essive Lative Ablative CONT -1 -1-ul -1-zi IN -(m)a -(m)a-1 -(m)a-zi SUB -y -y-ul -y-zi SUPER -y'o -y'o-1 -y'o-zi AT -qo -qo-l -qo-zi NEAR -yo -yo-1 -yo-zi ILOC -ho -ho-1 -ho-zi Versative Translative Tenninative CONT -1-yu-1 -l-yu-zaz -1-q'a IN -(m)a-yu-1 -(m)a-yu-zaz -(m)a-q'a SUB -y-yu-1 -y-yu-zaz -y-q'a SUPER -y'o-yu-l -y'o-yu-zaz -y'o-q'a AT -qo-yu-1 -qo-yu-zaz -qo-q'a NEAR -yo-yu-1 -yo-yu-zaz -yo-q'a ILOC -ho-yu-1 -ho-yu-zaz -ho-q'a All four location suffixes ending with -o have an allomorph ending with -a.
For example, in the Korekore dialect of Shona, the causative extension /-is-/ "is realized as [is-] when the last vowel in the in the radical is /a/, /i/ or /u/ and the consonant radicals; the allomorph /-es-/ occurs when the last vowel of the radical is /e/ or /o/" (Dembetembe, 1987:62).
The relatively early attested cuda-1 is also the most widespread allomorph with modern descendants found in the triangle between Nuristani, Assamese and Maldivian.
The desired output information, as far as morphology is concerned, requires a morphological lexicon and morphological corpus annotation to include parsed lexemes on the morphological level, with annotations and explicit feature bundles associated with each single morpheme or allomorph, as shown in table 1 for the word procitamo (Croatian, "to read(out)").
The main purpose of our endeavours was to establish the relative extension positions as reflected in Table 2, and in addition, to provide the lexical transducer with the phonological rules that would dictate the correct allomorph of any extension in any given extension sequence.
Having five sons identifies her as an allomorph of the Phaiakian queen, Arete of Scheria, and Nausicaa as well.
When the sex linkage of PGM was taken into account, allomorph frequencies, based on electrophoretic screening of 336 adult males and 312 adult females, did not deviate significantly from the frequencies that would be expected if the alleles were in Hardy-Weinburg equilibrium (relative frequency of alleles: S [slow]: 0.
The crystalline lattice in the PPTA film has been reported as the same structure as that in Kevlar fiber, but very low content of another type of the crystal structure, which is called Haraguchi allomorph (1) or type II crystal (4), is also included (5).
Yet even a highly generic proem must have originated as an introduction to a particular type of tale or body of tales, and I suggest that our inherited version of the Odyssey, while it is clearly an allomorph of a tale type about the wanderings of a hero returning from war, incorporated many innovative features that caused it to "outgrow" this generic proem of a return tale - perhaps the entire Telemachy in books 1-4, perhaps the centrality of the vengeance theme in books 13-24, surely the complex narrative structure resulting from the elaborate hysteron-proteron of Odysseus' tales in books 9-12 - hence the rather stark disjunction between our Odyssey's proem and the narrative that follows.