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the study of the relative growth of a part of an organism in relation to the growth of the whole

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verrucosa showed consistent negative allometric growth, whereas the TW/SL (b = 3.
In compliance with the dose in humans (30 ml/60 kg/day), equivalent oral doses on the basis of allometric means in mice (5 ml/kg/day), rats (2.
Allometric equation choice impacts Lidar-based forest biomass estimates: A case study from the Sierra National Forest, CA.
Allometric equations to estimate body composition (protein, fat, ash and water) and retained energy of female, male and castrated male Saanen kids Variable (1) Allometric equations EBW (kg) EBW (kg) = -0.
The Fulton Condition factor, which is based on the b-factor in the logarithmic relationship between length and weight, showed that Emerald Shiner exhibited negative allometric growth.
Allometric growth is negative (b < 3) if the fish gets relatively thinner as it grows bigger (growth in age with reduction in size) and positive (b > 3) if it gets plumper as it increases in age [18].
The aim pursued the goal to reduce allometric variability, associated with size scaling leafy plates.
The extent to which allometric growth of the head is involved in this dietary shift is unclear.
Brannen, D, Barman EH and Wall WP: An allometric analysis of ontogenetic changes (variation) in the cranial morphology of larvae of Agabus disintegratus Crotch (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae), using distortion coordinates.
14,15) Therefore, the following allometric relationship [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] between body mass M (kg) and BSA ([m.
EPA and its stakeholders be spending so much effort refining allometric scaling procedures, dialing back the estimation of exposure to the maximally exposed individual, and positing sophisticated nonl inear modes of action, while continuing to make the unscientific assertion that we are all equally susceptible to carcinogenesis?
1] [not equal to] 1 (the exponent of body mg in the back-transformed, allometric equation) with a 2-tailed approximate t test (Neter et al.