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the study of the relative growth of a part of an organism in relation to the growth of the whole

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The relationship between total weight and TL for females and males were both significant (P < 0.01) (Table 2), showing a negative allometric growth (b < 3).
Growth of females and males can be considered positively allometric, because the coefficient of allometry "b" adjusted by non-linear regression was statistically greater than 3, indicating that the speed of increase in weight is greater than in length (Rego et al., 2008).
In these models, the allometry coefficient is represented by the parameter [beta], indicating isometric growth when [beta] = 1, negative allometric growth when [beta] < 1, and positive allometric growth when [beta] > 1.
Caption: FIGURE 3: Representations of dispersion of the variable biomass in the lower montane forests: a) allometric model generated by Chave et al.
It is widely acknowledged that while the allometric scaling method implies that S increases at a slower rate than m (i.e., S per kilogra[m.sup.2/3] is the correct adjustment for m), the ratio standard presumes that S increases proportionally to m (i.e., S per kilogra[m.sup.1] is the correct adjustment for m) (23).
Using allometric equation V[O.sub.2]max = 0.15 X LB[M.sup.0.80] with correlation of R = 0.73 with direct method of gas analyzer, we can estimate the cardiac respiratory preparation level of boys with a simple calculation.
victoriae showed negative allometric growth with values of regression slope b being 2.59, 2.97 and 2.91 (Figure 2, b<3).
This may consists of inventory of forests/trees in sampled plots and application of appropriate allometric equations to estimate biomass [2].
If the growth is allometric (b different that 3.0), then the LeCren index Kn = W/TL b x 100 should be used, where W is weight (g), TL is total length (mm), and b is slope of the lengthweight relationship for the population examined [36].
Allometric relationships of different tree species and stand above ground biomass in the Gomera laurel forest (Canary Islands).
Allometric relationship and growth models of juveniles of Cichlasoma festae (Perciforme: Cichlidae), a freshwater species native in Ecuador