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the study of the relative growth of a part of an organism in relation to the growth of the whole

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Reducing uncertainty in the use of allometric biomass equations for predicting above-ground tree biomass in mixed secondary forests.
Growth over the span of an oyster's life was found to exhibit allometric growth, followed by isometric growth, with a reversion back to allometric growth in later years (Libini et al.
The first step in developing a conservation plan of a native resource, is the characterization of the species, knowledge of the allometric relationships and estimating its growth models (Delgadillo-Calvillo et al.
When the value of b is other than 3, the weight increase is allometric (positive allometric if b>3, negative allometric if b<3) [18,19].
The (b) values of the LWRs indicated negative allometric growth (-A) in males, females, and combined sexes (b < 3.
Therefore, in this study, zero tilled wheat observed decrease in crop allometric traits because of these limitations (Shahzad et al.
High variability in allometric measurements is important to obtain the regression equations of each mathematical model, since the equation to be selected can be used for leaves of different sizes within limits of evaluated values.
Allometric scaling (for grip strength/FFM) used log-log regression analysis for males and females and the slope of the regression line was used as the scaling exponent.
It is unclear from our study whether the negative allometric scaling relationship is an evolutionary response to reduce vulnerability of neonates to predation and the thermal environment (Robbins and Robbins, 1979).
Human PK prediction takes into consideration bioavailability of a drug candidate, allometric scaling and physiologically-based PK (PBPK) modeling.
The first involves studies of single and multi-cellular algae which serves as model systems for allometric scaling laws in evolution.