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a variant form of a grapheme, as 'm' or 'M' or a handwritten version of that grapheme

a signature written by one person for another

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These include: grafts of CNS tissue (6), Gore-Tex (3), collagen guides (7), gradients of factors within a tube (8), allographs (10), antibodies (92), factors that induced inflammation (32), and biodegradable polymer tubes (54).
types connect with art, creation, allographs, the purposive, ideas; tokens
At any rate, the evidence attests to the apparently free interchange of three allographs [phrase omitted], [phrase omitted], and [phrase omitted], which would, in my opinion, hardly be attributable to Aramaic influence.
A sampling of topics turns up birth and death statements, colophon, letterforms or allographs, primitive codicology and palaeography, quire, scribal etiquette, and vignette.
The other two sets of allographs that will be discussed below are a) i, j (22) and y, and b) u, v and w.
Arnaud and Salvini argue that the alternation among the signs I, E, and IA in some parts of the Levant does not represent phonetic reality, but that rather the three signs are "allographs" of each other ("Une lettre du roi de Beyrouth au roi d'Ougarit," 9).
640), demonstrating that he accepted Sheu Shenn's belief that they were not simply interchangeable allographs. (8)