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a variant form of a grapheme, as 'm' or 'M' or a handwritten version of that grapheme

a signature written by one person for another

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is most often allographic, that is [...] attributed to an author who is
It can be stated, then, that the task of cataloguing translator's notes as either authorial or allographic paratexts is affected by the status bestowed on the translator and the translated text.
Levine's photos are saying something original while technically occupying the intermediate developmental stage that Elkins calls "reproduction." (Indeed, one can argue that Levine's work is original insofar as it alters the nature of the representation from allographic to autographic in Goodman's terminology.) The point, Levine would no doubt argue, is that her copying is a transparent gesture--it doesn't hide the fact that she is using Evans's negatives--and in being so, can be placed at a later point in Elkins's trajectory (and change the work from an allographic to an autographic one).
The former produces the most commercially successful allographic sequel of the sixteenth century, the latter the most critically acclaimed allographic sequel in Spanish literature in the seventeenth century, particularly after Cervantes' effusive allusions to it in Don Quijote.
With music, an allographic art, one has to decide which traits in the resultant performance derive from the creative mind that conceived of the work, the composer, and which derive from the actions producing the sounds of the performers.
The allographic works are physically multiplied into numerous copies: books, musical scores, constructions ...
Allographic bone must be processed to guarantee safety (Becker et al., 1994; and Piatelli et al., 1996) (Fig.
In his discussion of digital images, Mitchell (1992) argues that it might be more useful to understand these materials as allographic rather than autographic; namely, digital images, because they are digital, enable and encourage duplication.
But why append such a brief ending and then mark it as allographic? As I argued above the poetic conclusion and the epilogue which follows it may contain traces of an overarching editorial plan.
Verbs belonging to the irregular paradigm could display the ending <-in> (together with its allographic variants) or a vocalic alternation as a past participle marker.
Evidence from neuropsychological studies suggests that conceptually driven writing would involve the following processing levels: semantic activation, orthographic retrieval, allographic and graphic motor encoding (see Bonin, 1997, for a review).
Of the first 267 patients who received allographic transplants, 12% did not require insulin injections for more than 1 week, and 8% were insulin independent for longer than 1 year.
Here Scheffler explicitly adopts Goodman's theory of the relation between allographic artworks and their instances.
According to the late Nelson Goodman, whose Languages of Art provides a starting-point for Genette's argument, as immanence, art must exist either "autographically" in one object, such as a painting or a sculpture, or in "allographic" versions or copies of the object such as literature or music (Immanence 16).