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a variant form of a grapheme, as 'm' or 'M' or a handwritten version of that grapheme

a signature written by one person for another

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Jim Warren, Editor, Transplant News:: I assume you were alerted by the University of Maryland once it was determined you had a suitable donor for the patient they had in need of a vascular composite allograph.
gt;, for instance, noting for these stages the new prominence of the allograph featuring <[?
This includes derivatives such as chinesery, whose allograph chinoiserie recalls its French origin.
If the [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] was an allograph of [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], then perhaps here the reading Ahua might be preferred; see PNA 1/I, A, 68-69.
Another two popular devices for designating vowel length used by the scribe are the doubling of a vocalic allograph, as in saand 'messenger' (OE sand) or faand 'to test' (OE fandian), and the use of the weak word-final <e> with the reference to the preceding open syllable nucleus (Mosse 1952 [1991]: 12).
Shaughnessy does not comment on the discrepancy between jih in the MS and jii in the received version, and we cannot make a judgment as to which is "correct" based on other occurrences in the text, as there is one case each of [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] it is not impossible that [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]jii < kjij < *kjij was an allograph for [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]jih < kjijH < < *kjits
It is taken here by the GD manuscripts editors as an allograph for [CHINESE TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], standing for the word cheau < *[k.
In addition, Gift of Life said that 1,235 musculoskeletal donors provided life-enhancing bone allographs for orthopedic surgeries, skin for burn patients, and heart valves to repair defects and 2,500 corneal donors to restore sight.
6) Original spelling is maintained in the examples, except for some majuscules and <-u-/v-> contextual allographs, contractions and abbreviations are also expanded.
A pioneer in performing pulmonary allographs in the 1960s introduces this text as a comprehensive guide to developments in clinical applications involving donated tissues or cells (including stem cells).
Busa over the course of his 60 years of work in the area of computational linguistics: internal hypertexts, the systematization of allographs, lemmatization, homographs and typologies; the lexical system; the laws of economy for graphemes, for semantic typology, for heterogeneity among terms, and of the two lexical hemispheres.
These include: grafts of CNS tissue (6), Gore-Tex (3), collagen guides (7), gradients of factors within a tube (8), allographs (10), antibodies (92), factors that induced inflammation (32), and biodegradable polymer tubes (54).
types connect with art, creation, allographs, the purposive, ideas; tokens