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tissue or organ transplanted from a donor of the same species but different genetic makeup


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The researchers found that 29.2 percent of patients in the cohort received a deceased donor kidney allograft, and 9.3 and 21.2 percent died while on the waiting list and were removed from the waiting list, respectively.
We present a case of a large pT3a clear-cell RCC found incidentally in a renal allograft.
Similarly demographic data was collected from the renal allograft recipient which included age, sex, occupation, chronic kidney disease duration, basic disease responsible for the Chronic kidney disease, any Arterio venous fistulae and if any failures (primary or secondary in the past and its management if any if done), any associated co morbidities, medication history, Frequency and duration of haemodialysis if any and its complications, any history of bone disease, any history of blood transfusion, any history of treatment with erythropoietin and its frequency, history of any immunizations were accounted for, any stigmata of Chronic kidney disease and Metabolic bone disease were examined and appropriately documented.
This multi-centre randomised, controlled US study will evaluate the efficacy of Revita full thickness placental allograft in improving wound closure rates and mean closure time in diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) in 40 patients as compared to current standards of wound care treatment.The trial focuses on patients who suffer from Type 1 or 2 Diabetes with diabetic foot ulcer(s) greater than 1cm2 and less than 25 cm2.
showed that IL-6 might be involved in the transition to an environment where IL-17A could affect the viability of corneal allograft directly [28].
Large quantities of dynamic, credible data of BAFF ligands and their association with renal allograft pathological characteristics constitute direct proof of the role of BAFF in the progression of renal allograft ABMR.
Enneking in the 1960s and 1970s further developed indications for autograft and allograft bone transfer in orthopaedic oncology.
Corneal allograft rejection is a multifaceted process that involves complex interactions between cells of innate and adaptive immunity.
Plasma cell-rich acute rejection (PCAR) is a distinct morphological form of renal allograft rejection, characterized by the presence of mature plasma cells that comprise more than 10% of the inflammatory cells infiltrating the allograft [1, 2].
In 2014, Pereira and colleagues [1] performed a prospective cohort study aimed at clinically evaluating the extent of resorption over time of corticocancellous fresh frozen allograft bone blocks used in the reconstruction of severe maxillary atrophy.
[1-6] The recent establishment of the first allograft skin bank in SA is potentially a tremendous stride towards moving in line with basic international burn care standards.
(RTIX) announced publication of a peer-reviewed, preclinical study on the effect of multipotent adult progenitor cells on an allograft scaffold.