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denoting or relating to cells or tissues from individuals belonging to the same species but genetically dissimilar (and hence immunologically incompatible)


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Thirty nine year old female diagnosed case of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia, O RH positive group received allogenic peripheral blood stem cell transplantation from stem cell donor of B RH positive group, after three months ABO grouping and typing showed mixed field reaction with Anti-B in cell group.
Tissue sources for cultivation: The basic tissue sources for limbal epithelial cells are autologous limbal biopsy tissues, usually obtained from the patient's healthy fellow eye in unilateral cases, and allogenic limbal biopsy tissues obtained from a living relative or from a cadaver in bilateral cases.
Spending on allogenic bone marrow transplants has increased to $2.
Servier and Transgene thus aim to achieve an original allogenic CAR-T preparation method with better transgene integration yields and fewer steps.
In the first procedure, dubbed PEARL for PrEsbyopic Allogenic Refractive Lenticule, the laser makes a small cut in the eye's cornea; then a slice of corneal tissue, called a lenticule, is removed through the cut.
These systems help reduce the risk of infections that can occur due to the use of allogenic blood.
The use of allogenic stem cells should be regulated," said Dr B S Rajput, vice- president, Stem Cell Society of India.
With PMB causal treatment is aimed at eliminating the risks, thus, minimizing the side effects of autologous and allogenic blood transfusion.
Most of these BMTs are autologous but in Pakistan most of the BMTs are allogenic.
Allogenic cadaver graft of fascia lata 5 cm wide and 12 cm long was double-wrapped around the ulna in the first case and around the radius in the second case and was anchored to the bone by suture anchors (mini-mitek 2/0).
The preliminary phage based allogenic screening showed that 32 out of 81 SEREX-identified autoantigens had cancer-related serological profile and reacted only with sera of cancer patients [11,15].
Moreover allogenic transfusion may carry the potential risks of adverse immunological reactions, intravascular haemolysis, transfusion-induced coagulopathy, disease transmission, renal failure, and even increased mortality.
These implants are intended for use with autograft or allogenic bone graft comprised of cancellous and/or corticocancellous bone graft, as an adjunct to fusion.
The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of injecting allogenic MSCs intraarticularly in a rat OA model and to evaluate the influence of immobility on the effects of this treatment.
Fresh allogenic transplants are very effective, but their supply and shelf life are limited.