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cross-fertilization in plants

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Protogyny and protandry are the underlying mechanisms favouring allogamy in monoecious palms.
Allogamy refers to seed production by pollen carried among blossoms by insects.
Pollination is predominantly by allogamy (SANTANA; ANGARITA, 1999), although selfing can occur (FISCHER et al.
Since some studies have demonstrated high levels of autogamy in the common bean and others have demonstrated allogamy when pollinators are abundant (Brunner and Beaver, 1989; Triana et al.
cross-fertilization is outbreeding, allogamy and xenogamy (fertilization
Features of the Fernandezian Wahlenbergia, like protandry, nectar, and secondary pollen presentation (by pollen-collecting hairs on the style), reduce self-pollination and suggest ancestral allogamy and biotic pollination.
We observed different fragments not belonging to the mother plant in 80% of the progeny again showing allogamy as the primary mode of reproduction.
It is important to realize that reproductive barriers can act on every level between complete and weak isolation and that the entire range between autogamy and allogamy can be found.