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cross-fertilization in plants

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Passiflora setacea species BRS Perola do Cerrado cultivar is responsive to climatic differences observed in the State of Rio de Janeiro, being an auto-incompatible and allogamous plant, showing absence of 100% in fruit setting and therefore requiring cross-pollination to form fruits.
For DCA17 4 out of 5 cvs were as expected in such a predominantly allogamous plant as olive homozygotes.
Quantitative resistance to Phytophthora infestans in potato: a case study for QTL mapping in an allogamous plant species.
Since sexual ruzi-, signal-, and palisadegrass and their hybrids have been shown to be allogamous and self-incompatible (Ngendahayo et al., 1988), we adopted a strategy to synthesize a broad-based, tetraploid sexual population by intercrossing sexual clones from sexual x apomictic hybrid progenies, followed by recurrent selection on spittlebug resistance and other traits (Miles and Valle, 1996; Miles and Escand6n, 1997; Miles et al., 2004).
Experimentally produced allogamous seeds would do much to enhance diversity in restoration programs.
Finally, emasculation does not reduce the attractiveness of flowers to pollinators, so that the elimination of autog amy is not confounded with reduced allogamous pollination.
Effect of spatially restricted pollen flow on spatial genetic structure of an animal-pollinated allogamous plant population.
Maize is considered the most studied allogamous species due to its great social and economic importance (GRIGULO et al., 2011).
Passion fruit (Passiflora edulis Sims.) is an allogamous plant due to sporophytic self-incompatibility (BRUCKNER et al., 1995).