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Synonyms for allocution

a usually formal oral communication to an audience

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(rhetoric) a formal or authoritative address that advises or exhorts

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Dans une allocution de circonstance, Ahmed Hosni, directeur du festival, a promis d'en assurer la perennite et de le mettre au service d'un cinema de haute qualite, un cinema qui eduque, divertit et reflete la richesse culturelle de la Mediterranee .
Our intent was not to assess the magisterial authority of John Paul II's allocution of March 2004 as our colleagues claim; we had already done that in two previous articles.
Nevertheless, we submit that the allocution achieved a level of publicity that was significant.
These and other statements (10) surely reflect the papal allocution, which strongly suggested that the removal of ANH is euthanasia by omission.
These shifts are not all found in the allocution, although Pope John Paul may very well have assumed many of them in what he said about ANH.
Traditionally, allocutions are given to a variety of groups that meet in Rome, but they have not always been seen as the locus for announcing a major policy shift.
The recent papal allocution To the International Congress on Life-Sustaining Treatment and Vegetative State." Scientific Advances and Ethical Dilemmas has been the occasion for much discussion concerning the use of artificial feeding tubes for nutrition and hydration.
What is interesting about this papal allocution is that it seems to represent a significant departure from the Roman Catholic bioethical tradition with respect to both the method and the basis upon which such decisions are made.