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of rocks, deposits, etc.

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Land-ocean distribution of allochthonous organic matter in surface sediments of the Chiloe and Aysen interior seas (Chilean Northern Patagonia).
Our research suggests this is likely to include changes in the conversion of allochthonous organic matter to finer scale components and alterations to the timing of energy and nutrient availability.
The tilapias were fed daily with a commercial diet, which represented the input of the allochthonous organic matter into the systems.
Thermochronology of allochthonous terranes in Ecuador: unraveling the accretionary and postaccretionary history of the Northern Andes.
2012) who have proven that magnetite crystals in ALH84001 are allochthonous, meaning that those crystals were not originated within the carbonate globules that fills the meteorite fractures in which magnetite is embedded.
He examines the role of shredders on organic matter processing, spatial variability, and seasonal dynamics of particulate and dissolved organic matter, ecosystem metabolism, and the importance of allochthonous and autochthonous sources of carbon, and explores the influence of land use change on the composition and concentration of dissolved organic matter and its links with whole-stream ecosystem metabolism and the spatial and temporal patterns of carbon flow in food webs in the longitudinal gradient of the Mara River.
In the table, the category autochthones explicitly refer to the accompanying text by a footnote, in which is explained that at this point in the table the reading changes: "more with members of own group" is replaced by "more with allochthonous groups.
Allochthonous and autochthonous carbon sources for fish in floodplain lagoons of an Australian dryland river.
Thereby, the interstitial environment is one storage area of autochthonous and allochthonous organic materials and constitutes the area where bacteria most efficiently process the dissolved organic carbon and the concentration of nitrates, phosphates, silicates, organochlorines and heavy metals are higher in relation to the surface habitat (Bencala, 2005).
The basal contact of many allochthonous ophiolite complexes are characterized by the presence of thin subjacent sheets of relatively high grade of metamorphic rocks.
The matrix of the reef-core limestone is composed of wackestone to mudstone, with a high probability of a similar mix of authochthonous and allochthonous micrite (Kroger et al.
Occasionally ingested organisms (classified as such based on their low consumption frequency) included Coleoptera, Araneae, Dyctioptera, and other allochthonous material.