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of rocks, deposits, etc.

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For example, carbon and nitrogen isotopes have shown that anadromous Pacific salmon (Oncorhynchus spp.) were a significant source of allochthonous nitrogen to coastal streams where spawning occurs (Kline et al., 1993).
Two intertwining processes can be observed now--the integration of the society within Latvia (the linguistic integration of allochthonous minorities on the basis of the Latvian language skills), and integration of Latvia itself into the European Union (which involves individual plurilingualism).
It took several years for it to become generally accepted that the ophiolites of Quebec and Newfoundland were both oceanic crust and allochthonous. Lamarche (1969, 1971) adopted the Brunn-Aubouin model and even gave a talk at the 1972 International Geological Congress held in Montreal on the role of liquid immiscibility in forming the gigantic igneous submarine sequence.
The Swedish Environment Agency also identifies four other elements seriously affecting the region's waters: over-fishing, toxic organic pollutants, climate change and the introduction of allochthonous species.
Linking marine and terrestrial food webs: allochthonous input from the ocean supports high secondary productivity on small islands and coastal land communities.
2) The Silurian granites and their host terranes are allochthonous and were thrust over the MNET basement after the Silurian melting event and prior to the Devonian melting event.
Key words: allochthonous flow; beach ecosystem; Caretta carerta; energy flow; loggerhead sea turtle; marine turtles; Melbourne Beach, Florida; nesting beach; nutrient and energy transport; nutrient cycling and enrichment.
This is why it is possible to talk of the autochthonous parts, those that have been deformed in situ, and the allochthonous parts, transported by the violence of the mountain formation process until they are on top of the autochthonous sectors, or even other folds, if this had happened before.
Results strongly suggest that food webs of bedrock habitats are not as closely linked to immediate allochthonous inputs from the surrounding forest as those of mixed substrates, although they may be linked in the long term.
They are built of allochthonous sheets, many extending for hundreds of kilometers but typically being only a few kilometers thick.
72) as a guide, Palmetto Grove, Long Bay Ward, and Three-dog sites on San Salvador, and Buttonwood on Samana would be the smallest, "allochthonous," because surface indications amounted to a potsherd or two, a distribution of less than 10 meters in length.
Given the sliding scale between loanwords and foreign words (~the words which clearly look allochthonous', 50), the difficulty is to decide which to include, and which to relegate to dictionaries of foreign usage.