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a person with authority to allot or deal out or apportion


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the market comprises: - 1 fixed phase corresponding to the installation of 6 028 heating cost allocators and thermostatic valves if necessary (1 507 dwellings) (sites whose heating consumption is greater than 120 kwh / m 2 ) and the rental of maintenance falls under these equipment, a required variant (encryption of radio relay equipment), and - 7 optional slices detailed below.
The list is part of the Responsible Asset Allocators Initiative at Bretton Woods II, which operates within New America to help large asset allocators reduce risks and optimize returns through strategic investments in responsible investing and sustainable development.
A net 24 per cent of asset allocators are overweight US equities, up from a net 16 per cent a month ago.
A net 13 percent of asset allocators are overweight Eurozone equities - a fall of 22 percentage points in one month.
On the understanding that allocators know what they're doing, it seems the financial regulator has handed them the reins.
A net 23 percent of asset allocators are now underweight Japanese equities, a small improvement from a net 25 percent.
Asset allocators are very overweight cash, modestly overweight commodities, neutral equities and underweight bonds.
Asset allocators [are] asking where the best place is to go.
Over the past year, Emirates NBD Asset Management has been exploring various options to enter the European market and has identified suitable channels to reach asset allocators and financial advisers.
Presenting current research by computer scientists at institutions worldwide, the proceedings features such topics as adaptive cache memories for SMT processors, simulation of high-performance memory allocators, designing efficient source routing for mesh topology network on chip platforms, and design of trace-based split array caches for embedded applications.
In addition, a net 14 percent of asset allocators indicated that global monetary policy is too stimulative, compared to just 5 percent in July.
The net number of asset allocators bullish on cash increased to 10 per cent from three per cent one month earlier.
Summary: IGS Group LLP and MSS Capital Limited today announced the launch of MAG Consultancy (Managed Accounts and Governance Consultancy), a new 50/50 joint venture partnership between their two firms that has been established specifically to design and build Separate Managed Account Platforms (SMAPs) for asset owners, hedge fund allocators and institutional investor clients.
When these claimants are subsequently denied coverage by Medicare, they may resort to extra-contractual actions against the primary payers as well as the allocators who prepared the files.