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a person with authority to allot or deal out or apportion


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The world's most responsible asset allocators strive to address behaviors that could destroy value over the long term, such as environmental pollution, labor exploitation or unethical operations.
"The Asset Allocator and Defender Funds are a logical extension of our firm's growth," said Brenden Gebben, Lead Portfolio Manager for Absolute Capital.
This methodology grants Context Jensen Partners' hedge fund and private equity clients access to an allocator's perceptions of exactly how a marketer understands its risk-adjusted returns and overall portfolio strategy.
The Appear TV Resource Allocator is a software solution that seamlessly integrates with broadcast workflows to simplify multiscreen workflow and operation.
(5.) The allocation rate is calculated as the proportion of endowment allocated by an allocator to an unknown recipient.
Which is all very well but how does an allocator like Aka decide what level of risk and which particular asset classes are right for you.
Assistant allocator Cathryn Morgan, 30, from Abertillery * She wears: Phase Eight dress, pounds 98 She says: "My outfit is very elegant and chic and I particularly like the detail at the front as it shows a bit of cleavage but not too much.
As a result, the MSA allocator industry has been joined by scores of individual professionals, smaller firms and attorneys' offices.
Prof Brown is expected to say the tables fail to take into account students' backgrounds and "reinforce institutional prestige as the main allocator of value, at the expense of institutions that try to build reputation by satisfying student and funder needs".
As an allocator, her job involves ensuring stock is in place to meet demand.
"Lennar management is an efficient capital allocator, and in general they outperform their peer group in terms of return on capital and return on equity."
Rogue Wave ATS (Application Tuning System), is a drop-in memory allocator that allows development teams to improve the performance potential of existing hardware systems, lengthening their lifetime.
Calls are logged on to the system and an "action allocator" tells the inquiry team which possible leads they need to follow up.
Mintzberg's taxonomy defines managerial roles as a set of behaviors and identifies 10 distinct roles: (1) figurehead; (2) leader; (3) liaison; (4) monitor; (5) disseminator; (6) spokesperson; (7) entrepreneur; (8) disturbance handler; (9) resource allocator; and (10) negotiator.