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a person with authority to allot or deal out or apportion


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The world's most responsible asset allocators strive to address behaviors that could destroy value over the long term, such as environmental pollution, labor exploitation or unethical operations.
The Asset Allocator and Defender Funds are a logical extension of our firm's growth," said Brenden Gebben, Lead Portfolio Manager for Absolute Capital.
The Appear TV Resource Allocator is a software solution that seamlessly integrates with broadcast workflows to simplify multiscreen workflow and operation.
Which is all very well but how does an allocator like Aka decide what level of risk and which particular asset classes are right for you.
Assistant allocator Cathryn Morgan, 30, from Abertillery * She wears: Phase Eight dress, pounds 98 She says: "My outfit is very elegant and chic and I particularly like the detail at the front as it shows a bit of cleavage but not too much.
When these claimants are subsequently denied coverage by Medicare, they may resort to extra-contractual actions against the primary payers as well as the allocators who prepared the files.
To choose between different register allocation decisions, the register allocator needs a cost model.
All information such as flight schedule and updates, cargo bookings, details such as weight, ULD numbers, cargo deadlines, plus staff and equipment details such as qualifications, IDs, shifts, availability, as well as service and engagement standards, are kept in a single system to support the allocator.
A sum of money, usually $10, is given to the allocator to split between herself and the receiver.
Should payers adopt the same policy and thus implicitly participate in the role of allocator of scarce resources?
Instead, the administration's bill proposes a "fair-share" allocation approach, in which a neutral allocator would be responsible for allocating to each identified potentially responsible party (PRP) its share of liability for cleanup consistent with the amount of waste that PRP contributed to a site.
Whether the allocation decision involves a third-party allocator or a recipient-allocator, the substantive and analytic focus can be on either the allocator or the recipients.
Behaviour inducing the allocator to pass some positive amount of money on to the recipient.
Optimal Asset Management launched a free online tool for advisors called Factor Allocator, which among its many features, helps advisors build factor-based replicas of any mutual fund using ETFs.
BAAM, which is the world's largest discretionary allocator to hedge funds and has approximately USD49bn under management, is developing this custom solution for a strategic investor by leveraging its longstanding relationships with some of the industry's leading hedge fund managers.