allocation unit

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a group of sectors on a magnetic disk that can be reserved for the use of a particular file

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With strict compliance deadlines, UniCredit's Capital Allocation Unit needed a system that could uniquely generate financial figures and perform computation in the least amount of time possible.
NEW YORK & LONDON -- DataSynapse, a global provider of Application Virtualization software, today announced that UniCredit, one of Europe's largest banking and financial services companies, has completed implementation of DataSynapse GridServer([R]) software for use by the Capital Allocation Unit of its Italian operating division.
The allocation unit comprises a power supply planning and construction as well as the certification of the design / the small series vehicle manufacture, supply and installation of a corresponding mobile steel construction.
Main component of the allocation unit is the construction and installation of handrails and railings made of brass plated steel, to which a high aesthetic claim is made.
Main component of the allocation unit is the Replatzierung of developed ornamental railings, -handlEnufen and grille for covering radiators and air vents as well as the review and possible upgrading of existing grids and banisters in the indoor and outdoor use.
Tenders are invited for Determining specifications CMT and DPT and opportunities allocation unit 7 for its own needs (CH) under the action of the frequency separating Automation (pa) to ensure stable operation of the generating equipment allocated to prevent a complete power shutdown when an unacceptable reduction in the frequency of the power system
Prior Information Notice: S-bahn berlin, line s 21, allocation unit 4, railway technical equipment.