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For any link (say link i), a necessary condition for a successful channel allocation is [n.sup.i.sub.flow] [less than or equal to] [[xi].sup.i.sub.chl] where and [[xi].sup.i.sub.chl]([less than or equal to] [n.sup.i.sub.chl]) denote the number of flows and the number of allocatable channels on link i, respectively.
According to their theoretical model the following three assumptions represent the essential features of agricultural production and provide a tractable approach to the multi-output production, especially of the fixed but allocatable input functions (i.e., land and water in their case, only the former in ours): (a) inputs are allocated to specific crop production activities; (b) production is technically non-joint in the sense that the allocation of inputs uniquely determines crop-specific output levels; and (c) land is a fixed input that is allocated for different uses.
However, if the fraction of the remaining assets in the fund allocatable to i (on a premium pro rata basis) after covering the insolvencies of all companies j [member of] [C.sup.[PI]] exceeds the insolvency [[??].sup.(1).sub.i], the payoff is increased to equal this fraction.
This was the detailed end of the concurrency approach, where even the best estimation of allocatable time in the program office and contractor schedules met reality.
There are other charges, known as "allocatable charges," that Meder says would have to be carefully structured in order to be put into a captive.
These work instructions, known as "allocatable elements," are associated with modular arrangement of predetermined time standards (MODAPTS) codes that are used to calculate the time required to perform these actions.
In a more collaborative environment envisioned by McGinnis, an enlightened employer has no vested interest in making the victimized employee's share of the damages larger, but should focus instead on seeking ways to lower the total amount of damages allocatable to both parties.