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capable of being distributed

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chl]) denote the number of flows and the number of allocatable channels on link i, respectively.
This was the detailed end of the concurrency approach, where even the best estimation of allocatable time in the program office and contractor schedules met reality.
In a more collaborative environment envisioned by McGinnis, an enlightened employer has no vested interest in making the victimized employee's share of the damages larger, but should focus instead on seeking ways to lower the total amount of damages allocatable to both parties.
In fact, it includes the distribution of all scarce but allocatable resources.
Thus, Fortran 90 offers both heap- and stack-based dynamic array allocation, and allows the programmer to declare arrays as static, allocatable, or automatic.
Pointers can be twice as slow as allocatable components.
What this means," he said, "is that whatever percentage of fault the finder of fact determines to be allocatable to a defendant, that is the amount for which judgement will be entered against that party, so that there will be no opportunity to pursue others in contributions, as he will not have been held responsible for more than his share.
The allocatable attribute is now allowed on dummy arguments, function results, and structure components.
When size inference and shape inference were deactivated, all variables, with the same two exceptions just mentioned, were declared as two-dimensional allocatable arrays.