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capable of being distributed

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The difference between the unscreened allocable salary of $75,000 and the screened allocable salary of $70,500 would be reflected as an unallowable cost," Brossoie stated in the email message.
The court, however, held that the costs were properly allocable to the utensils, since "the royalties directly benefited and/or were incurred by reason of [Robinson's] production activities.
However, the TAM makes it clear that the IRS's Large and Mid-Size Business Division has to evaluate whether the taxpayer maintained sufficient documentation through the interview process to establish what portion of the service fees was allocable between facilitative and nonfacilitative costs despite the lack of detailed invoices or timesheets.
It states that if a taxpayer receives a payment that is partially allocable to a volume commitment and partially allocable to cooperative advertising, the taxpayer may use the advance trade discount method only for the portion that can be demonstrated by "objective criteria" as an advance trade discount.
All taxpayers who calculate a section 199 deduction will face the additional burden of having to determine the amount of W2 wages allocable to DPGR.
1) The owner's allocable share of the entity's W-2 wages; or
According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, pulling the W-2 wage component from cost of goods sold and from other costs properly allocable to domestic production gross receipts will be time-consuming.
Independent manufacturers have proposed legislation to make payments directly to the states based on allocable share, rather than to escrow accounts.
With diverted revenue included, the percentage of overhead allocable to COPAR was higher than the actual experience.
The Company reported an operating loss of $884,000 and net loss allocable to common shareholders of $1.
In brief, QPAI equals eligible receipts, or domestic production gross receipts (DPGR), less allocable cost of goods sold and other deductions.
4) QPAI, in turn, equals the excess of "domestic production gross receipts" (DPGR) over the sum of allocable cost of goods sold and other allocable deductions, expenses, and losses.
New analysis begins at this point with the introduction of section 263A, which requires the taxpayer to capitalize the direct costs of inventory and the inventory's proper share of those indirect costs--part or all of which are allocable to inventory.
The company reported a net loss allocable to common stockholders of $5.
Under the regulations proposed in 2000, only the gain allocable to the residential portion could be excluded under Sec.