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an antibody that occurs naturally against foreign tissues from a person of the same species


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Both van Rood and Payne followed up their initial findings of alloantigens on human leucocytes.
When the test was performed in the presence of mitogen stimulating lipopolysaccha-rides (LPS), phytohaemagglutinin (PHA), concanavalin A (ConA) and alloantigen, a concentration dependent inhibition of lymphocyte proliferation was observed.
In the skin and GI tissue affected by GVHD, the mechanism of apoptosis is likely similar and caused by alloreactive T lymphocytes targeted to alloantigen on recipient tissue.
In vivo exposure of CD4+CD25+T cells from normal naive mice to alloantigen in a T cell-deficient environment elicits spontaneous expansion of alloantigen-specific CD4+CD25+natural Treg cells, which are able to suppress allograft rejection mediated by subsequently transferred naive T cells, leading to long-term graft tolerance.
Genomic organization of the glycoprotein D gene: Duffy blood group Fya/ Fyb alloantigen system is associated with a polymorphism at the 44-amino acid residue.
Rapid determination of platelet alloantigen genotypes by polymerase chain reaction using allele-specific primers.
In order to assess the function of DCs in each group, T cell proliferation response to alloantigen was assessed in a one-way MLR in 96-well plates.
The current understanding of aGVHD pathogenesis can be summarized as (1) initial tissue damage induced by the conditioning regimen followed by the denudation of auto- and alloantigens accompanied by massive inflammatory cytokine secretion ("cytokine storm") activating APCs, (2) auto- and alloantigen presentation mediated by APCs together with the costimulatory signaling prime donor's cytotoxic T lymphocytes and their proliferation, and (3) the migration of activated cellular effectors toward GVHD target tissues.
Antirejection drugs can effectively suppress the immune response to the alloantigen but also increase the risk of life-threatening infections or malignant tumors.
In the lymphocyte proliferation assays using concanavalin A (mitogen stimulation) and mixed lymphocyte culture (alloantigen stimulation) dried homogenized ginger was consistently immunosuppressive (Wilasrusmee et al., 2002).
(20,21) This dimorphism is the basis of the HPA-2 platelet alloantigen system, and the allele frequencies for the threonine and methionine alleles in a typical white population are 90% and 10%, respectively.
Polychlorinated biphenyl-induced immune suppression: castration, but not adrenalectomy or RU 38486 treatment, partially restores the suppressed cytotoxic T lymphocyte response to alloantigen. J Pharmacol Exp Ther 267:308-315 (1993).
We could show that iTregs induced in the presence of varying doses of CTLA4Ig suppressed T cell proliferation in response to alloantigen in a dose-dependent manner.