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having the same consonant at the beginning of each stressed syllable

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At the end of his journey, Johnson's equally alliteratively named character reflects on the developments he has undergone.
Other highlights were the swings (alliteratively named "The Wonderful Wave-Swinger"), pirate ship, a miniature railway (anyone else remember the hilarity at seeing the man on the toilet reading a newspaper?), Ferris wheel, waltzers, dodgems and much more.
When the fine people from New York Social Diary photographed Miz Sherrill at her One Sutton South duplex back in 2007, they declared she "should be some kind of national treasure" and, after she passed in May at age 91, a glowing obituary in the New York Times alliteratively described her as a decorative "doyenne" to the "White-Shoed and Wealthy."
Highlights include a breakneck spin around Hundred Mile High City and a soulful strut along to Travellers Tune, while basking in the subtle grace of It's A Beautiful Thing and the alliteratively endearing Foxy's Folk Faced.
Mailer begins formally, by referring to his "overwhelming urge to micturate." Becoming even more grand, he looks forward to micturation, he continues, "with all the anticipations of liberty which this Gotterddmmerung of a urination would soon provide" But he concludes vulgarly (and alliteratively) that he might be "a fool who peed in the wrong pot" (29-31).
In fact, a more accurate footballing maxim would be: You can't win anything with kids unless the media have given them a snappy nickname that's alliteratively linked to the surname of their manager.
(10) Narrating her perusal of (the fictitious) Mary Carmichael's (fictitious) first novel, Woolf's persona pauses on the statement "Chloe liked Olivia." The names, it turns out, are selected to segue alliteratively into the following remarks:
Prem Krishnamurthy's new gallery n New York's Chinatown s named simply P!, as in the first initial of the graphic designer and curator's First name and that of his alliteratively titled studio practice, Project Projects, begun in 2004.
(55.) Nussbaum (1997, 223) notes how Medea's name is alliteratively strung onto other key words in the play, e.g.
(With respect to human-automaton associations, Turkle alliteratively asserts "Our relationships to robots are ramping up; our relationships with people are ramping down.")
Ovid mimics alliteratively the subhuman noises the men make after the metamorphosis takes hold of their human bodies and deprives them of human speech: 'quamuis sint sub aqua, sub aqua maledicere temptant' (however much they lie under water, they struggle to curse underwater).
Haught organizes his eleven chapters alliteratively: Darwin, Design, Diversity, Descent, Drama, Direction, Depth, Death, Duty, Devotion and Deity.
The second of Haught's alliteratively titled chapters (Darwin, Design, Diversity, Descent, Drama, etc.) carries much of the book's argumentative burden.
This alliterative tendency occasionally reaches paroxysm as in the following where again the choice of wording is very noticeably alliteratively driven:
Considering the life designing paradigm offered in 2009 leaves me now ever-so-slightly re-casting, for the reader's ease of recollection and personal contemplation, four fundamental traditions of the field of career counseling and development, proposed here alliteratively as individual differences, individual development, social cognitive deliberation, and individual design.