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having the same consonant at the beginning of each stressed syllable

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In that conversation, our narrator takes Scairbh na gCaorach alliteratively to mean "sheep-steeps" or "rampart of rams," itself both literally and allegorically impassable: a ledge, a cliff, a "sheer drop" that makes a natural and potentially fatal border.
Connecting alliteratively back to the first line, spring's nonviolent and delicate conduct is aptly emphasized by its inclusion in the unassuming parentheses.
Langdon joins forces with an Italian scientist alliteratively named Vittoria Vetra (Ayelet Zurer).
This resonates even in the titles of some of his works, Sous le Soleil de Satan, Journal d'un cure de campagne, La Grande Peur des bien pensants, Les Grands Cimetieres sous la lune: the words trip off the tongue alliteratively and rhythmically.
The initial descriptions of the two characters are very similar, and their names alliteratively signal their resemblance.
My poolside reading in Tuscany this summer was not Life With My Sister Madonna or Obama Nation or even Andrew Bacevich's The Limits of Power (though I packed it), but, alliteratively, The Duty of Delight: The Diaries of Dorothy Day.
Revealing its origins in a novel unfinished by Nolot, Pays consists of three chapters: Jacques's arrival, up to his mother's death (and the shocking sequence of the washing and dressing of her corpse, which culminates in a reverse pieta); the funeral and various encounters and confrontations with family and villagers, in which secrets are revealed that overturn Jacques's grasp of his past; and, finally, Jacques's delayed leavetaking, including the sudden interjection of a remembered adolescent fantasy involving rugby players and bullfighters, locked in homoerotic rites, their tight pants revealing what French alliteratively elides as la queue et les couilles, otherwise known as cock and balls.
Adding to this commercial winter wonderland, klein Dytham are currently building two apartment hotels, alliteratively named Kira Kira (meaning sparkling in Japanese) and Kona Kona (snowflakes ).
Apart from that, she is alliteratively associated with her brother, who is not only Harold, but also a Hero to her.
But less alliteratively, and fatefully, the mayor on his thrice-a-week run round the artificial lake gets bitten by potential voters' poodle and must repair the damage with a gift basket (wine and bones) on taxpayers' money.
In fact, had it been alliteratively more appealing, The Presidency, the Political Environment, and Presidents would have been a better title since the core of the book (chaps.
Though it's not part of the alliteratively announced themes of the subtitle -- maybe "polemic" might have been added -- much of the energy of David Bergeron's essays in this collection derive from a sense of opposition or desire to set right the scholarly errors of both distant and recent past.
61) Steadfast in this contention, he finds the Contextual View easily susceptible to institutionalization, relying on an enforcement structure of contextual norms and voluntary rule commitments supervised by bar associations or, alliteratively, by courts, legislatures, and public regulatory agencies.
The neofeminist Naomi Wolf has alliteratively described my way of thinking as a "bizarre bifurcation,"[2] but I take issue with her characterization.
Pavilion Alliteratively and reasonably known as the Pink Pavilion, the main tent in which the bulk of the big competitions take place measures 77m by 60m and stands 26.