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having the same consonant at the beginning of each stressed syllable

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49) Chism, Alliterative Revivals, 161; for the literary history of Maria's cannibalism, see Merrall Llewelyn Price, "Imperial Violence and the Monstrous Mother: Cannibalism at the Siege of Jerusalem,' Domestic Violence in Medieval Texts, ed.
Insertion of the adjective "popish" confers a tendentiously alliterative twist upon the original title.
Cupid & Cate,'' based on a novel with the significantly less alliterative title ``Cupid and Diana,'' could've been structured a little more efficiently.
Finally, while Russom is of course perfectly entitled to advance his own theory of Germanic alliterative metre, Anglo-Saxonists, in whose subject-area incompatible metrical theories already jostle, may feel disappointment that such an exciting comparative venture should be yoked to still fairly new and controversial ideas.
Goodman's only concessions to stylistic flashiness appeared in pithy, often alliterative phrases like "score, script, and sketch," which condensed an entire theory of notation, conundrums like "the sound of pictures," which crystallized a theory of expression, or dialectical pairings like "pictures and paragraphs," which adumbrated a wholesale reorientation of the classic differentiations of verbal and visual symbols.
The title of this book, of course, alludes to what is usually taken to be an allusion to alliterative prosody in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and at the same time it serves well as the title of a festschrift to mark loyally the retirement of the Groningen scholar, Gerrit H.
In Welsh verse, a long ode characterized by alliterative verse and internal rhyme.
Yes, despite what the guides at Coke's new Atlanta museum have been told to say and the company president's insistence in a 1959 statement that Coca-Cola was a "meaningless but fanciful and alliterative name," the real Classic Coke did contain cocaine.
He is the central figure in two major 14th-century English works: The Alliterative Morte d'Arthur and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.
As for the term "Costa Cetacea" being "too geeky" to describe this coast, I came up with far better descriptive, alliterative phrases in 1993 when I dubbed Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park the "Cradle of the Seals" and "Domain of the Dolphin".
Her admonitions are phrased in wonderful alliterative commands such as 'Don't mess with the monkeys'.
The whimsical, often alliterative lyrics are an upbeat blend of storytelling and fast-paced ballad, and the lively music is brimming with celebration.
The strong, simple, gently alliterative text is set amongst boldly coloured landscapes in which lively Australian animals attempt their unlikely activities.
Bush in protest of the invasion of Iraq, are included, so the alliterative subtitle is not very misleading).
A VETERAN lady reader from Dalton remembers the start of this alliterative ditty during the First World War years, when she was a child.