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having the same consonant at the beginning of each stressed syllable

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Even 'Mayor of Mercia' has an appealing alliterative sound.
But the endless, alliterative phrases for sex and countless in-your-face sight gags dilute But the endless, alliterative phrases for sex and countless in-your-face sight gags dilute the characters and turn the mood wearingly lewd.
Notman pens alliterative book to shift readers' perspectives on life's details
I think someone had got a bit carried away witthe alliterative potential of "Sarah's off shopping in Stockton with the girls.
The title's alliterative phrase "politics and pestilence" signals the book's particular angle: an investigation of the way political calculations and public health concerns shaped British policy.
mumble the alliterative forms of love, an office in the rain: hair,
In the past, Clinical Chemistry has published a number of alliterations and articles with alliterative titles (e.
Today, we're launching our latest alliterative political page, the Davis Digest.
Two of the essays are primarily on Tolkien's use of alliterative verse.
What follows is a blend of alliterative and descriptive text to describe a typical day for Bea.
Translating Troy; provincial politics in alliterative romance.
To do so, he offers eight alliterative themes where faith and sports intersect: fear frustration, failure, fortitude, faith, family, friendship and fun.
Prepared cards of the alliterative phrases with the repetitive sounds printed in matching colours are displayed and during this second reading, children would be encouraged to identify the alliteration and then locate the matching phrases on the board.
The Fall of Arthur is a poem written in Old English alliterative meter.
Meanwhile, there was also discontent late last week at the new Southbridge Middle/High School on Torrey Road, where high school students waged an alliterative protest using fliers titled, "Bring Bishop Back.