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having the same consonant at the beginning of each stressed syllable

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Reconstructing Alliterative Verse: The Pursuit of a Medieval Meter.
First, I would simply like to shine some light on a neglected author's impressive and original contributions--in poetry and prose--to the 20th-century alliterative revival.
The often alliterative and sometimes rhyming poetry, full of simile and metaphor, begs for re-reading and performing.
In just the last few years, there has been another surge of interest in the mysterious meter of the Anglo-Saxons (including new books by Eric Weiskott and Geoffrey Russom), and renewed attention has been given to the relationship between Old English verse and the alliterative verse of the Middle English period.
The authors delight in light-hearted lab experiments, one-upmanship, silly word play, puns, jokes, alliterative titles and spotlights on bizarre real life cases which are complemented by sensible medical advice on important complaints such as asthma, burns, sprained muscles and broken bones.
With alliterative names like Summer Smith and Chris Chriswell and a main character who faces pressure from her editor to get an article finished (in between saving the world), it's easy to see this book, and the Valiant style, as a worthy twenty-first-century successor to Marvel's glory days.
What is the alliterative name of the Irish deputy prime minister, who resigned on Tuesday over her handling of a police whistleblowing scandal?
| Whitters' World of Waffles A restaurant in the shape of a waffle serving only waffles and waffleaccompaniments, my Waffle World has the potential to be a national chain, though it will only be sited in towns or villages starting with the letter W (as people will buy anything if the name is alliterative).
Hollywood suffered another blow to the patriarchy yesterday, as Academy Award-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkinlong criticized for his tendency to give female characters cutesy, alliterative names and place them as whip-smart, wisecracking, but ultimately supportive helpmeets to the powerful and high-profile men they worship (see Newsroom, The)has officially become "woke."
In the third and fourth parts, there are lacunal, alliterative verses, prose poems, and fantastic pieces such as "Poem Beginning with a Line from William Blake," which describes a kind of eight-story cabinet of curiosities.
It presents the alphabet in a practical way: the alliterative words in each line of text help emphasize the sounds of each letter and are simple enough for children to remember and repeat.
Each letter of the alphabet is demonstrated in an alliterative sentence using words beginning with the letter.
The alliterative title was immediately tweeted throughout Twitterdom and continues to be featured in many stories that pose as "news."
Despite the alliterative name of the reality show, motels and inns also are eligible to apply.
Mueller, Alex, Translating Troy: Provincial Politics in Alliterative Romance (Interventions: New Studies in Medieval Culture), Columbus, Ohio State University Press, 2013; cloth; pp.