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And while there are substantially fewer alliterating words, stressed words alliterate in 14 of 19 lines.
In the process of removing the alliterating staves here the Otho writer creates rhyme at the end of each half-line, effectively splitting the line in two and forming loose trimetre couplets.
The alliterating names of the hounds--Willow, Wand, and Wallow--in the preceding line also carry a particular significance.
Robinson, basing their description on the late nineteenth-century work of Eduard Sievers, provide this succinct statement of the rules that governed the rhythms of Beowulf: "Sievers observed that all the intact verses of Beowulfand of other Old English poetry fall into some variation of five basic patterns of stressed and unstressed syllables, and that the verses are bound into pairs by alliteration, the first (and only the first) accented syllable of the second verse in the pair alliterating with one or both of the accented syllables in the first verse of the pair" (Beowulf: An Edition 30).
Each triplet in "Iris" narrows the quest, drawing eye and ear across even stanza breaks by alliterating their opening words: "searched .
For example, he traces the use of alliteration by "'the Gothic races'" to the fact that alliterating words in these languages usually share meanings, so that alliteration lends "'a keen pungency'" to poetic lines.
At the risk of losing readers at the outset by sounding like an alliterating preacher, we might think of the extensive literature on the integration of psychology and Christian faith as falling into three rough categories: defending it, describing it, and doing it.
Ritchie apparently picked up the comic book tradition of having characters with funny alliterating names like gangster meanie Hatchet Harry and Barry the Baptist, who is Harry's goon.
Any book beginning with the simple, alliterating phrase "Pope's penis" may seem far removed from such primly moralizing commentary and enthusiastic, proto-feminist self-assertion, but one of the many merits of this extensively researched and carefully argued study is its persuasive argument that many of the texts read here can be related to this salient social historical trend.
The infection in the sentence spreads fast: when Fevvers interrupting Walser's report writes in his notebook with a "fine, firm, flowing Italic hand" (my emphasis), on reading it Walser immediately exclaims "Good God" in fittingly alliterating, emotional, excessive words (78).
As an alliterating friend of mine would say,it would be like trying to ``fertilise a 40- acre field with a fart''.
And like those other speeches, his contains those long lists of alliterating country names which are a traditional sign of boasting and are thus to be read as irony signals.
The Anglo-Saxon tradition of alliterating half lines in verse might be argued an equal influence.
This insistence in the promise of a son and heir that the bride Sarah will be his mother, emphasized here in an alliterating play on words, is not found in the biblical original.
contains]]w "I uncovered my face, I found a snake," in which occur both hr, though in this case with the meaning "face," and the verb gm "find" alliterating with gmgm "break.