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language frequently causes him to alliterate on liquid l's,
There has been a general decline in reading-related behavior and an increase in alliterates or those who are capable readers but choose not to read (Scott, 1996).
Here Grendel is given words to speak in which the first stressed syllable of what we would call the a-verse if we were describing Old English poetry alliterates with the first stressed syllable of the following b-verse, and there is more to his use of repeated sounds than this, as we can also hear if we read his words aloud with forceful aspiration.
OH, FOR Heaven's sake, Chris Shaw (Letters, August 13), the use of "Soccer season starts in style" has nothing to do with David Beckham now playing in America; it's merely because it alliterates. Sky have used the slogan "Soccer Saturday" for quite some time now for the same reason.
(1) Finally, the phrase "Conrad and the occult" vaguely alliterates, and that in itself is enough to arouse suspicion in a rationalist.
While "Kapoor khandaan" alliterates, readers wouldn't know the word means dynasty.
Smart (Johnson's friend) alliterates with Swift; Clare provides an internal rhyme with Baudelaire.
Beer has an image problem ( unfortunately, it alliterates beautifully with "belly".
We see too much skill-based instruction as leading to "alliterates"--kids who can read but won't, particularly boys.
(16) The root term for coyotes and wolves is aapi'si, which alliterates with aapii (white- or light-colored) and a'pis (rope), two concepts that are frequently alliterated in words associated with medicine or power such as aapiinima'tsis (medicinal plants).
The wearing of Time, And the watching of cripples pass With limbs shaped like questions In their odd twist, "What I expected" is an adroit compromise between the impulses to form and to freedom: "twist" fails to rhyme convincingly with "pass," but in that failure assonates and alliterates with "questions." Spender dexterously manages the shape of his verse so that it mirrors the "odd twist" of the cripples it describes and underlines the "questions" the passing cripples make the speaker ask himself Such a subtle marriage of "Form and Content" is in keeping with the poem's broader agenda, in which Spender appears to deflate the speaker's naivete with a lesson in sober reality: "I had not foreseen ...
Note how the same phrase is expanded from simply "this island" to "this island of the Great Green (Sea)." The word for "green" is w[[contains].sup.[contains]]d, which alliterates beautifully with wd[[contains].sup.[contains]] "sound, okay" several lines earlier.
Here the caesura is definite, there are two stresses in each half of the line, and the first stressed syllable of the second half alliterates with the first or the second or both of the stressed syllables in the first half.
Terracotta tea tin alliterates remarkably, but might confuse the buying public and shipping clerks alike.
He alliterates obtrusively, isolates words in particular feet, develops syntactic formulas, and deploys cadences from an arsenal of canned borrowings.