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The primary obligation of the composer of alliterative poetry was simply to make the first stressed syllable of each b-verse alliterate with the first stressed syllable of the preceding a-verse.
Beer has an image problem ( unfortunately, it alliterates beautifully with "belly".
He also does something in this verse that belongs to translating practice of the most conventional late modern kind: where Plautus alliterates maximum meretricibus, Zukofsky answers with "profit in prostitutes," thus reproducing the effect of alliteration while substituting a different consonantal sound that allows him to render the senses of quaestum and meretricibus with semantic fidelity.
16) The root term for coyotes and wolves is aapi'si, which alliterates with aapii (white- or light-colored) and a'pis (rope), two concepts that are frequently alliterated in words associated with medicine or power such as aapiinima'tsis (medicinal plants).
Here the caesura is definite, there are two stresses in each half of the line, and the first stressed syllable of the second half alliterates with the first or the second or both of the stressed syllables in the first half.
For example, I don't always employ alliteration, and sometimes I alliterate only in one half of the line.
contains]]d, which alliterates beautifully with wd[[contains].
Terracotta tea tin alliterates remarkably, but might confuse the buying public and shipping clerks alike.
In addition, he deals too slightly with the difficulty provided by verse-initial finite verbs, choosing simply to stress the verb when it alliterates, and ignoring it when it fails to do so.
The word provides the refrain, alliterates with dere, becomes the link-word to the next stanza, and its ending -ent is the rhyme.
The two parts of the half-line are united by alliteration the same sound, consonant or vowel (all stressed vowels alliterate, so stressed e alliterates with stressed a and o and i, and vice versa) is repeated in a stressed position on each side of the breath pause.
Indeed, it seems as if for over a century every new phonological theory has been associated with claims that a level (or levels) of representation posited by that theory functions uniquely in the poetic systems of all languages: it is that level which the rules of versification "look at" to determine whether and how any particular sound or stretch rhymes, alliterates, scans, etc.
It is, of course, hard to disprove such a statement; but it should be noted that the fronted finite verb gemealt in (18c) has primary stress, since it alliterates with modsefa and moeges.
But the reader for MAE, notes that |the last stave of the third line alliterates, which in unrhymed alliterative verse it should not do: it is thus unlikely to come from a literary work' i.
The second half-line alliterates where it should not: "oaths were remembered | all unfulfilled" ("Tolkien out-Wagners Wagner" 5).