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The alliterated monosyllables in the title reflect the construction of a paratatic narrative, a "patchwork metaphor" for the pieces of narratives Futoransky places "side by side without subordination or.
Invictus takes its title from William Ernest Henley's 1875 eponymous poem and is the tale of how Mandela worked his "Madiba Magic"--a well-worn cliche of the time that alliterated his clan name and his charisma--to inspire South Africa's rugby team to victory in the 1995 Rugby World Cup, which the newly-born Rainbow Nation hosted.
Or, as Mayor Phil Brubaker alliterated Sunday, "This is a celebration of the confluence of caring and cash.
Kennedy's poems are richly textured with cleverly alliterated names, dates, and details drawn from witch trials in England, Scotland, Spain, America: the accusations, burnings, beatings; the media frenzy, the deliberate panicking of credulous publics, the callous exploitation of superstition for political ends:
Both writers alliterated, and both used the words "particularly," "attention," "determination," and "anxiety," but each otherwise had his own distinct inventory of favorite words.
Indeed, synopsis and the significance of the entire incident are almost carried by the alliterated phrases
It's dingy, dilapidated, dank and dark," she alliterated archly.
Franco", choosing an adjective, which alliterated with the name of the Spanish dictator, who was supported by Hitler and Mussolini in the crushing of the elected Spanish government.
Added Land, "I used the word 'schmuck' in my reference to Senator Schumer solely in an attempt to employ a word that alliterated with Schumer's name and describe my perception of his behavior during the confirmation hearings for Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito--nothing more
The common alliteration technique of creating superhero names wasn't left out of The 99 Comic book especially after realizing that Razem's name is alliterated.
0]), it has been alliterated (process, product, and procedure, in Wenzel's [1990] terms), its verb has been altered (having rather than making an argument), it has been converted to acronyms (CRC approaches versus the MDLs in TOA [Willard, 1989]), it has been converted to its grammatical uses (argument as a noun versus argument as a verb [Bruschke, 1995]), or its features have simply been listed (Brockriede, 1990).
In the final clause, another alliterated f in for encourages the correlation between the natural and the abstract by giving the field a geometrical description, triangular.
16) The root term for coyotes and wolves is aapi'si, which alliterates with aapii (white- or light-colored) and a'pis (rope), two concepts that are frequently alliterated in words associated with medicine or power such as aapiinima'tsis (medicinal plants).
Clasping was perfect in both sound and sense -- it not only had that attractive S, but also a hard C that alliterated with claw, cords and cardigan.
In a sophisticated series of contrasts that extend from the very structure of the poem to the pairing of stressed and alliterated words (for example, sceadu-genga and sceotend in line 703), the poet defines not only the young Beowulf and the old Beowulf, the idealized thane and the model king, but the heroic and the monstrous, the light and the dark, the human and the inhuman.