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However, the range of barriers that emerged, combined with a generally positive view toward independent reading in parents, suggests that it is a mistake to assume that parents who do not model independent reading are necessarily alliterate: having the skill to read independently but choosing not to do so.
In each stanza, just the first four lines in each 10-line stanza alliterate. The fifth line bears various types of rhyme, including internal (or double internal) rhyme, and the final five lines bear shorter lines that correspondingly produce much different metrical effects.
19-20, Will's other entrances to sleep do likewise use the word 'sleep', but do not alliterate on its 's' (see XI.
Obama effectively used place names that alliterate (said one critic once Obama managed to get "Boston" and "Beijing", "Arctic" and "Atlantic" and "Kansas" and "Kenya" into a single sentence).
(For the uninitiated, Mandy is a man.) And Claire Danes is considerably less sweet here than she was with Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo + Juliet, over-acting her way through a bipolar episode which seems to make her alliterate all of her gabbled sentences.
It all begins because the Capulet servant is alliterate and asks Romeo to read out his invitation list.
This action research developed as a response to the researcher's experience with struggling and alliterate readers across all content areas in secondary schools.
In everyday life, Balotelli's bib-bungling blunder would be best described as staggeringly stupid, exceptionally embarrassing or hilariously half-witted (not everyone formulaically tries to alliterate every description they ever use, but you get the picture).
In these two cases as California is the given element, we see that the accompanying words are chosen to alliterate with it.
Tomorrow's poets create classics today with the group anthology "From the Fishouse: An Anthology of Poems That Sing, Rhyme, Resound, Syncopate, Alliterate, and Just Plain Sound Great".
With his kingdom tilting toward destruction at the hands of the Saxons, even Arthur has begun to alliterate, dreaming of a fighting force that will "ride abroad redressing human wrongs" (G, 468).
While the words "Canterbury" and "cousin" alliterate well and imply some family resemblance, they suggest a common source once removed between the Churches of the Anglican Communion and the Catholic Church.
The syntactical spot filled by 'man' might better have employed the word 'fellow' because then we could profitably alliterate: "The fellow at the front door was an encyclopedia salesman".
The primary obligation of the composer of alliterative poetry was simply to make the first stressed syllable of each b-verse alliterate with the first stressed syllable of the preceding a-verse.