allis shad

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European shad

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On the eve of this weekend's EA Open match on the Wear it is interesting to note a species of fish on the British endangered list, an Allis Shad, had been reported caught on the river above the weir at Chester-le-Street.
He said intensive farming next to the River Wye would adversely affect species like otters, dragonfly, salmon, and the rare migrating Allis Shad fish which depended on the delicate natural harmony of the area for survival.
During Sunderland SAA match, won by Arthur Bulmer with an eel of 1-5-0, Colin Mordey landed an Allis shad of 2-7-0 from Wearmouth Bridge, unfortunately, as a protected species the fish was not eligible.
Blyth Pier has had a few mackerel and coalfish and there are also Allis Shad being taken ( these are very similar to herring except that they have larger scales and black spots down the lateral line.
A number of Allis Shad have been spotted at Roker and Seaham Piers but this is a protected species and must be returned alive.
There was also a couple of Allis Shad, one taken into Rutherford's Angling, Sunderland, and weighed at 1lb 4oz.