alligator snapping turtle

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large species having three ridges on its back

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Alligator snapping turtles are the largest freshwater turtles in North America, according to ( National Geographic .
Previous studies that have examined habitat use by the alligator snapping turtle suggest that the microhabitat the species occupies may vary geographically, seasonally, and as a result of the environmental context (e.g., presence of other species).
Alligator snapping turtle (Macroclemys temminckii) surveys in Louisiana 19962001.
The alligator snapping turtle, North America's largest freshwater turtle, can weigh over 80kg and live to 160 years old.
Both common and alligator snapping turtles were once trapped extensively for the commercial turtle soup market, which caused serious declines of both species in some areas.
Mr Hammonds, who lives in Walsall, said the creature was later identified as an alligator snapping turtle, usually found in the Mississippi River.
There are also two pythons, a giant bullfrog that leaps in the air to grab food, a pair of bearded dragons, an alligator snapping turtle, and a great grey owl.
The alligator snapping turtle; biology and conservation.
Originally published in 1989 and out of print for several years, the Krieger Publishing Company's new reprint of zoologist Peter Pritchard's classic monograph, "The Alligator Snapping Turtle: Biology And Conservation", is an informed and informative introduction to one of nature's most impressive, dangerous, and famous of the turtle species.
The alligator snapping turtle of the American south is anything but cute, though who'd argue with a creature whose gaping jaws are capable of doing untold damage?
"Holey moley!" says Garrett, upon sight of the alligator snapping turtle, who's housed in the "swamp," a 1700 square foot greenhouse.
A short list of turtles that are in trouble to one degree or another would include the bog turtle, wood turtle, spotted turtle, Blanding's turtle, red-bellied turtle, eastern and ornate box turtles, Florida softshell turtle, alligator snapping turtle, various map turtles that live in single river systems in the South and the western pond turtle, one of the very few aquatic species found west of the Great Plains.
Keller is v-e-r-y careful when giving a shot to an alligator snapping turtle (right).
There might be hope for an endangered species after scientists found a new alligator snapping turtle in the wild for the first time in decades - and then lost track of it.
Nesting ecology of the alligator snapping turtle (Macroclemys temminckii) along the lower Apalachicola River, Florida.