alligator snapper

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large species having three ridges on its back

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The alligator snapper also has a trick for catching food during the day.
Alligator snappers are of the sort who thrive in a rainy deluge.
Two alligator snappers, Macroclemys temmincki, from southern Illinois.
For example, from 1995 to 1999 exports of softshell turtles (species of the genus Apalone) increased from 8,087 to 20,193; alligator snappers (Macroclemys) from 5,696 to 19,528; sliders (Trachemys) from 60,126 to 429,247; and cooters (Pseudemys) from 19,710 to 2,169,407.
Alligator snappers are usually found only in the southeastern US.