alligator snapper

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large species having three ridges on its back

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The alligator snapper also has a trick for catching food during the day.
Alligator snappers are usually found only in the southeastern US.
Just look at the sharp hooks on the alligator snapper's jaws.
Alligator snappers are of the sort who thrive in a rainy deluge.
Two alligator snappers, Macroclemys temmincki, from southern Illinois.
For example, from 1995 to 1999 exports of softshell turtles (species of the genus Apalone) increased from 8,087 to 20,193; alligator snappers (Macroclemys) from 5,696 to 19,528; sliders (Trachemys) from 60,126 to 429,247; and cooters (Pseudemys) from 19,710 to 2,169,407.