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Customers can choose from 14 colors for the alligator skins in both matte and shiny finishes that range from Matte Beige to Shiny Emerald Green to Shiny Electric Blue.
And the timepiece is as special as it sounds, boasting a "polished 18K red gold on the bezel, buckle and case, and an alligator skin strap".
Crafted from calf and alligator skin in Florence Italy, Montblanc have created its first falcon glove with matching calf skin hood.
The back of the phone is trimmed with alligator skin with a matching stitching and antenna cover while the front is covered by sapphire crystal.
Mansour made more dramatic uses of that black alligator skin, with a long, mullet-cut asymmetrical skirt and a thick-pocketed gilet.
A UAE jewellery retailer is to sell a lavishly adorned iPhone featuring alligator skin, diamonds and gold trimmings - for the princely sum of Dhs45,000.
The gifts included a white gold H Moser & Cie watch with alligator skin, a white gold with sapphire stones Diamanti necklace and pair of earrings and a Sony LED 3D TV.
Another watch to watch under this collection is made with drop cut pink sapphire with white alligator skin strap.
Casa Mia's unconventional wares include alligator skin tiles and gilded bathtubs
A bore scope reveals erosion even in its earliest stages, when the throat starts to develop an "alligator skin" appearance.
Featuring an 18-carat gold case set with a sapphine cabochon, the Astrotourbillion also has a strap made of alligator skin.
This phenomenon was first discovered during the pouring of high silicon aluminum alloys that historically produce large amounts of surface defects commonly named "alligator skin."
Their record, Sainthood and the "Alligator Skin" remix album are both available from Sire Records
Trendy Louis Vuitton cases for the iPhone in Monogram Canvas, Taiga Leather, Epi Leather and Alligator Skin. Prices range from $225 to $1,120