alligator lizard

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slim short-limbed lizard having a distinctive fold on each side that permits expansion

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Sexual size dimorphisms and bite force in the Northern Alligator Lizard, Elgaria coerulea.
Reproduction in the Arizona alligator lizard, Gerrhonotus kingi.
whiptail -- -- 1 Anguidae Anniella pulchra, California legless lizard x -- -- Elgaria coerulea, northern alligator lizard x -- -- E.
During a study of the Sonora mud turtle (Kinosternon sonoriense) in Arizona, we observed evidence of predation on the Arizona alligator lizard (Elgaria kingii nobilis) and the ground snake (Sonora semiannulata), prey items not reported previously for this turtle.
We identified the remains as an Arizona alligator lizard based on the characteristic large, rectangular scales on the dorsal and ventral surfaces, a longitudinal fold of skin along the side of the body, and narrow, wavy black cross bands edged with white on the dorsum and sides.
have been reported previously from other anguids, including a northern alligator lizard, Elgaria coerulea (Voge, 1953) and two of 30 (seven percent) San Diego alligator lizards, E.
A taxonomic review of the endemic alligator lizard Elgaria paucicarinata (Squamata: Anguidae) of Baja California, Mexico with a description of a new species.
A new alligator lizard (genus Gerrhonotus) from the Cuatro Cienegas Basin, Coahuila, Mexico.
Anatomical data puts iguanians at the base of the tree, whereas molecular data suggest that the iguanians evolved more recently and are closely related to snakes and a group including the monitor and alligator lizards, called the anguimorphs," indicates John J.
We go hunting for lizards and stuff - sand lizards and alligator lizards.
I think all children with roadside stands deserve our patronage, whether they're selling original artwork, baby alligator lizards, daffodils or lemonade.
Wildlife" specimens from area museums and nature centers include the great blue heron, red-tail hawk, egret and mallard, and native amphibians such as salamanders, tree frogs and alligator lizards.
Critters include everything from black bears, mountain lions and rattlesnakes to skunks, gopher snakes and alligator lizards ``a foot long.